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SNEAK PEEK: 'Bridezillas' Is Doing The Absolute Most With A Chick Who Swears She's 'Beyonce Squared'

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We didn't need more proof that folks really gotta stop with the Beyoncé delusion.  Brides included.  We've got an exclusive sneak peek at the latest "Bridezillas" foolishness about to hit our screens.

Beyoncé's got everybody thinking they can pour up Lemonade and drink it, chile.  On an upcoming episde of "Bridezillas" (yes, it's been rebooted!), a bride named Aliyon got her bridesmaids all the way _____'d up.  But it has us cackling. And mad confused how chicks like this still have a man who wants to get married.

After labeling herself "Beyoncé Squared", chick flips her ish and calls in her entourage in for a booty bootcamp, then threatens to replace them.  This, after telling the fitness instructor to cure one complaining bridesmaid's FUPA.  She told another bridesmaid "she aint gotta eat everyday!" Who would do it?! 

We're still obsessed with this foolywang mess of a show.  Sue us.

"Bridezillas" airs Fridays at 10/9C on WEtv!


Photo: WEtv

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