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EXCLUSIVE: 'Tariq' On 'Power' Needs To Get Snatched Up One GOOD Time, But Omari Hardwick Says Blame 'Ghost' Too

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We still have more than 24 hours before "Power" is back on our TV screens.  To hold us all over, TheYBF.com chopped it up with Omari Hardwick and he gets deep while explaining his problematic a**, on-screen son, "Tariq".

"Power" season 4 left us all in turmoil as "Tariq St. Patrick" (played by Michael Rainey Jr.) watched dirty cop Ray Ray take his little sister Raina's life in the street. And we all wanted to fight Tariq, who essentially let his innocent twin sister take the bullet meant for him.

After the murder, Tariq was still on some crazy ish, lying to police about what really happened to his sister. Well, he didn't exactly lie. He said he didn't know what went down, but we all know he was just feet away from his sister and watched her get gunned down in the street.

So who's to blame for Tariq's problematic a** decisions and unpredictable behavior? According to Omari Hardwick, it's Ghost's fault!


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We chopped it up with the super talented "Power" star about why we should all be mad at Ghost for Tariq's reckless actions. He revealed that being a father, you pretty much failed as a parent if you can't trust your kid.

"Everything is about fathers and sons," Omari told TheYBF.com's correspondent James Terrell. "That doesn't denote that it's not about fathers and daughters, but it's truly about fathers and sons. And certain ways of breaking cycles that have ill-fated, we know."

It feels like Tariq is going to take a turn for the worse and Ghost really isn't sure how to handle it, because his son is a reflection of himself.  #Deep

"If I can't necessarily trust Tariq but so far, the light has to be shown back to me," Omari said. "He doesn't trust me. I haven't been honest with him. So we did want to see Ghost put his foot in his son's a**. The reality is, we come from a culture that often does a lot of physical show of punishment because we got and received a lot of physical show of punishment."

While fans may have wanted to see Ghost gather Tariq within an inch of his spoiled life, because that's how we all grew up, it seems to be more than that for Ghost. Omari said his co-star Lela Loren told him, "Ghost is not necessarily that into being honest," and he couldn't agree more.

"It's not about not knowing how to be honest, but it's about not being taught how to do it," Omari explained. "We root for Ghost, but we root for him because we do see that he's trying to figure out how to be honest. But how are you honest about the realities of that which you didn't want to do?"

Here's how Ghost sees it, according to Omari: Since Tariq's mom "Tasha St. Patrick" (Naturi Naughton) and uncle Tommy (Joseph Sikora) "wanted to do the drug thing," why should he have to tell him about something he didn't even want to do in the first place.

Hmm...what do you all think about that? Does Ghost just need to whoop Tariq's a** one good time? For the culture and off principle? Or, is it too late?! Maybe they need a heart-to-heart and a good whooping because Tariq is spiraling out of control. And we.can't.take.it.

Check out a sneak peek from the first episode of Season 5 where Tasha and Ghost question Tariq about why Ray Ray was following him in the first place:


In case you missed it, check out our interview with "Power" star Michael Rainey Jr. where he talks about how Tariq would handle the police in a different situation HERE. 

We're hours away from "Power" returning for Season 5!  Tune in tomorrow (Sunday, July 1) night at 8p ET on Starz & the Starz app.

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