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Lee Daniels Chills With His Man, Queen Latifah & Her Girlfriend In Italy After Telling Mo'Nique To 'SHUT UP!'

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Lee Daniels, Queen Latifah and their boos hopped on a flight to Italy for some R&R. Peep the pics, plus get the latest in the Lee Daniels vs. Mo'Nique drama inside...

What drama? Lee Daniels isn't letting all the hoopla in the media keep him from enjoying life.

The famed director jetted to Siena, Italy with his partner Jahil Fisher, his homie Queen Latifah and Queen's partner Eboni Nichols. Yep, they're still going strong despite breakup rumors from a few years ago.

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For an adventure, the foursome went to enjoy the historical Italian horse race 'Palio di Siena' and photogs caught pics of them watching the race from a window above the streets.

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During an interview with Raq Rants, Lee addressed his situation with Damon Dash, which has now been squashed, but he also addressed Mo'Nique and the comments she previously made about him, Oprah and Tyler Perry blackballing her from Hollywood.

"Mo'Nique, I fought hard for her to get that job [in Precious] and she was paid her money," Lee shared. "She was paid the money for the budget that we had. For her to badmouth myself, Tyler [Perry] and Oprah, is disrespectful and it's wrong. She's wrong. She's outta pocket. And I respect her actor, because she gave me her soul, but I gave her my soul."

The "Empire" co-creator said the way Mo has been going around spreading "rumors" about them blackballing her made him sad and he said she was totally out of line.

"It breaks my heart that feels like we blackballed her. And for her to continue to talk about Oprah, and myself and Tyler, it's disrespectful. I don't understand her motive," he said.

At this point, he's over Mo and said she needs to shut it!

"It ain't even worth a conversation. Like, she needs to shut up," Lee concluded.

He said if he would have won the Oscar, he would have taken that opportunity and soared.

Check it at the 10-minute mark:

Y'all know Mo'Nique doesn't skip an opportunity to respond when someone speaks her name. While shooting down rumors that Netflix offered her $10 million, she also addressed Lee's comments in his interview:



NETFLIX DEAL. Get it straight from me. "Lee Daniels behave" LOVE YALL FOR REAL.

A post shared by Mo'nique (@therealmoworldwide) on


Nice for what?!

Maybe these two could eventually work something out just like Lee did with Damon Dash. 

Photos: Splash

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