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FOOLYWANG: 'Voodoo' Nurse Sent To Prison Over Gruesome Sex Trafficking Tactics To Recruit Nigerian Women + Cops Confirm An Arrest In Tupac Case Is NOT Imminent

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A British nurse will serve several years behind bars after allegedly using "voodoo rituals" to force Nigerian women into being trafficked as sex workers. Get those deets, plus the latest on those rumors that cops were close to arresting a suspect in Tupac's murder case inside...

British nurse Josephine Iyamu has been sent to prison for 14 years after she has been accused of using "voodoo rituals" to force Nigerian women into a sex trafficking organization.

The Liberian-born nurse, also known as Madame Sandra, was convicted on "five counts of arranging or facilitating travel for sexual exploitation and perverting the course of justice." She's the first person to be found guilty under Britain’s Modern Slavery Act.

The "voodoo nurse" would recruit women from Nigeria by promising them a better life in Europe. She would then send them to Germany where she trafficked them as sex workers. And she did it in the most grusome way.

The crazed nurse forced the women to eat chicken hearts, drink blood containing worms, and have powder rubbed into cuts during the rituals/"juju" ceremonies. Ugh!

The ceremonies were a way of psychological control over the women. She was able to envoke fear in the women who were too afraid to challenge her "or to fail to pay her back tens of thousands of euros she charged them to be trafficked into Germany," The Guardian reports.

“Josephine Iyamu exploited five vulnerable women by promising them a better life in Europe. Instead she treated the women like property," Andy Young, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said.

This is INSANE. Glad she was caught and hauled off to prison.

In other news...

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There was a report going around that the police were zeroing in on making an arrest in Tupac's murder case. But now Las Vegas authorities are addressing the rumors and it's NOT true.

The Las Vegas Police Department confirmed Tupac's 1996 murder is still unsolved and remains an open investigation.

A source reached out to 13 Action News and said an arrest was imminent in the murder of Tupac Shakur following comments made in a BET documentary and USA Network series.

In the doc, Duane Keith Davis, a former gang member, said he knew who really killed Pac. He made claims that he was actually in the car when his relative Orlando Anderson shot and killed over 20 years ago.  Two years later, Anderson was killed in 1998. According to reports, Anderson had always denied involvement in the murder.

Davis said he decided to speak out now because he has cancer.




1. Adam Bloom, the white man/ former homeowner's association board member who harrassed a black woman (and her child) about her identification at the neighborhood pool, has lost his job. STORY

Photos: National Crime Agency

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