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Ciara Drops New 'Level Up' Video & Twitter Just Crowned Her The Best Female Dancer In The Industry

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Ciara dropped her first new music in 3 years, and (almost) everybody thinks it was her best move.  Check out her new "Level Up" video that's giving life, twerk action and vibes all damn day...

We've been itching for CiCi's return to the music scene, and her first drop out the gate is a house music-style dance track called "Level Up."  If you recall, she wrote an Instagram post months ago about leveling up in her personal life by ditching king of f**k bois Future and marrying Russell Wilson.  However,  the way she initially worded things - taking onus off these wack men who are f**kbois and sell themselves as something they are not - rubbed plenty of folks the wrong way.

In the post, she included a sermon from Pastor John Gray that told women who and what they need to be in order to get a proper husband, but what she didn't post was him speaking to men on how to BE a proper husband. After all the hoopla, she reworded her post about personal responsibility and knowing her own self worth.  Now, she's made a song about it all.

"Thank God I never settled, this view is so much better."

Yossss sis.

She initially released the video on her husband's TraceMe app, but it's now on Youtube.

The track & video is very Ciara - dance heavy, upbeat and p-poppin' within an inch of her life type banger. But that chorus, not so much.

Still, we're all the way here for this video. Folks lost their ish on Twitter. Somebody said she's back to handle up on what Tinashe couldn't. Oop. Does the wife and mom of 2 now deserve the dance queen crown? Twitter thinks so.


Everybody wasn't feeling it though:

Overall, issa bop!


Photos: Ciara's IG


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