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Beyoncé & Jay-Z's Stash Of European Vacay Pics With The Kids + OTRII U.S. Leg Opening Night = Every Goal You Can Think Of

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 photo carters_zpsou0kydx7.jpg

The Carters hopped straight off their yacht off the Almalfi Coast and into Cleveland last night to kick off the U.S. leg of the OTR II tour.  Beyoncé's personal stash of family vacay pics have us realizing we're all just Blue, Sir & Rumi's peasants.  We'll take it.  Get into the fabulousness...

 photo OTR2_Cleveland_072518_011_zpssu1tdrat.jpg

The Carters are back home in America, slaying everything in site.  First up, Cleveland's FirstEnergy stadium.  Bey rocked a couple new looks for "Resentment" and other sets and she and Jay had Chloe & Halle & DJ Khaled, from both their labels, open up.

   photo OTR2_Cleveland_072518_003_zpsbpnz5mkz.jpg photo OTR2_Cleveland_072518_001_zpsuawe71ge.jpg

 photo OTR2_Cleveland_072518_007_zpszup6ihtl.jpg


Queen Bey found some time to drop a whole stash of pics from their Nice-Cannes-Italy vacay they took last week too. 

 photo DjAN_inW0AA40VI_zpsli4a3ugv.jpg

The Carters went on the run on their fave coast after wrapping the European leg of the OTR II tour.  And she def was shutting down all the pregnancy rumors since she stayed with a drink in hand. 

 photo DjANqkPWsAIeF8j_zpszkacn7k1.jpg

She reminded us she's the queen of drinking, dressing, posing, flossing, mommy'ing, and every other damn thing. Not dropping an ounce of alcohol in the hot tub.  Yessssss our kind of girl.

Bey showed off twins Sir & Rumi for the first time in a year, and they are ridiculously adorable.  Oh, and they're certainly more used to yacht vacays then we'll ever be.  Everybody ain't able!

 photo DjAO0oWW4AAKwLN_zpsx3kwfond.jpg photo DjAPBzfW0AEDTjQ_zpstbplhlsy.jpg

Shutting down all vacays in 2018, basically:

 photo DjALwEwX0AYkBwr_zpsizjbj6tr.jpg

 photo DjAL_RzWsAAKqUx_zpsq3hlmqqp.jpg    photo DjAJT_UX0AAYZac_zpskvb08wru.jpg  photo DjAOSazW0AAzuTt_zpsb7bvqgkt.jpg  photo DjAJCJpXcAAANba_zpskv91szfq.jpg  photo DjAMqrVW0AAE84M_zpsi5x8ykgi.jpg  photo DjAKW2TWsAAMGhp_zpszrioac7d.jpg

Loving this Versace look.

 photo DjAMcJIX4A0KPCP_zpsnbqlbct8.jpg   photo DjARSRvXsAAsubP_zpsae92lvp9.jpg  photo DjAK1WdX0AAoWhq_zpstjlkqkpu.jpg    photo DjAM3l0WsAE6cvb_zps6arf0gvf.jpg


Paparazzi caught them chillin' out aboard:

 photo IMG_2868_zpsu5xfvd0t.jpg

 photo IMG_2865_zps0cclh0ku.jpg 

   photo IMG_2867_zpsairx09iu.jpg  photo IMG_2864_zpsfagzt5wf.jpg  photo IMG_2866_zpsgrp124vr.jpg

Jay loves his tied sweater and bright shorts, doesn't he? 

 photo IMG_2863_zpsp2zmlp1h.jpg

Probably singing 'No need to ask you heard about us....' and 'We're living our best lives....ain't going back and forth with you n---" to each other and ish. 

We'll keep our jealouosy to ourselves...

The Carters head to D.C. tomorrow night.  Swipe through the gallery of more living-their-BEST-lives vacay pics below!


Photos: Backgrid/Beyonce.com/LiveNation

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