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DOING THE MOST! NFLer DeAndre Hopkins & Iggy Azalea Confirmed They're In A Relationship, Now They Both Claim They're Single?!

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When the nonstop thirst traps on IG ain't working.


Houston Texans baller DeAndre Hopkins and Iggy Azalea are playing games right now. PR stunt or nah?  Deets inside...

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Iggy Azalea has been busy on Instagram lately posting up thirst trap after thirst trap likely in an effort to nab a new baller fan or two. And it seemed to have worked because a few days ago the Australian rapper was dishing on the radio that she and Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins were in a relationship.

While playing a game on Y100Miami, she was asked if she preferred the Houston Texans or the Miami Dolphins. She picked Texans. Then, the radio host asked her if she was dating Texans baller DeAndre Hopkins and she responded, "Yeah, we're in a relationship."

Take a listen below:


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A few days before her interview, DeAndre himself confirmed they were indeed in a relationship. He posted a picture of himself on the football field with the caption,"My Aussies call me legend.” The Australian rapper hopped in his comments section and responded, "I could think of a few other things to call you.”

Then, a fan straight up asked DeAndre if he was Iggy's boyfriend and he said YES. Peep the receipts (via Sports Gossip):

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Now -- all of a sudden -- they're both claiming they are single. This morning, DeAndre posted this on his IG stories:

 photo deandresingle.png

The "Kream" rapper took to Twitter to confirm she's single as well:

 photo iggysingle1.png

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Iggy stays playing herself. Maybe she should lay off trying to get with athletes. It's been two years since calling off her engagement to NBA player Nick Young and she's still doing the most. Girl, get your life.

Oh, and this could just all be a PR stunt. She recently released a new EP titled Survive The Summer, so there's that.

Photos: Getty/Iggy's IG

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