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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Trina Braxton Reveals The Braxton Sisters Barely Speak Or Spend Time With Each Other

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Trina Braxton isn't feeling how the Braxtons are with each other these days.  We've got an exclusive sneak peek at sisters' messy return tonight on "BFV".

A LOT has gone down since the spring.  The Braxton sisters are back from a mid-season break tonight on "Braxton Family Values," and Trina's breaking down in tears over just how far apart they've grown.

The st time we saw almost all the sisters together was at Tamar's son Logan's 5th birthday party at Disney World in June:

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It seems that was a one-off occasion because Trina says they barely speak or see each other anymore.  And it's tearing her part.  From Tamar's divorce and separation drama to Traci's new music to Toni planning her wedding with Birdman, they all have their own ish going on.  And Trina just wants to open up a second Bar Chix with all her sisters.



Season 6 returns tonight on WEtv.


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