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GIRL, BYE! #CornerstoreCaroline Now Wants To Press Charges Against Black Boy's Mom After She Accused Him Of Touching Her Butt

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Trump really has white people showing their a**. Get the latest on the white woman who called the cops on a 9-year-old black boy who she claimed touched her but (which video footage proved to be FALSE) inside...

Another day, another white person calling the police to cover up their ridiculous insecurities.  #CornerstoreCaroline should have just sat there and paid for her cigarettes and Sno Caps.

A Brooklyn woman, named Teresa Klein, has gone viral after she called the cops on a 9-year-old black boy, claiming he sexually assaulted her. The little boy walked inside Sahara Deli Market in Brooklyn with his mother when his bookbag brushed up against Teresa's butt as she stood at the front counter.

Teresa claims the boy "grabbed my ass" and that's when she went into mayonnaise mode. She started popping off, yelling things in the direction of the boy. Finally, mama bear had enough and confronted the woman. We can't hear what was said via the surveillance footage, but you can tell she handed her a** to her.

The video footage of the encounter was just released and here's what happened:

Video of the exchange outside the deli when Teresa confronted the child and his mother was later posted on Facebook and that's what went viral. In the clip, you can see Teresa yelling that she's calling the cops as the woman's kids cry out for their dad in horror. Oh, she also declared she was a COP, which she isn't, and that lie is punishable by the law. The boy clearly never touched her.  If anything, POSSIBLY his large backpack graced her in the tight space.

Peep the clip (uploaded by Facebook user Jason Littlejohn) below:

PIX11 reports:

Despite Klein insisting that she filed a police report on the day in question, officials with the NYPD confirmed to PIX11 that no report pertaining to the incident exists.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is calling on the NYPD to investigate Klein and determine whether or not she broke the law, comparing the incident to a "modern-day Emmett Till moment."

Emmett Till was a 14-year-old African-American who was lynched after he was accused of offending a white woman in her family's grocery store.



Teresa has since "apologized" for the encounter. She reportedly returned to the store the next day and was urged by a reporter to view the video surveilance footage. She agreed and then offered up an apology for falsely accusing the young boy of sexaully assaulting her after seeing it.

“I was wrong,” Klein admitted. “Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry.”

Teresa also said she never said she was a "cop" even though that comment was clearly caught on video. SMH!

Peep clips of #CornerstoreCaroline doing interviews when she returned to the store:

Now, it's being reported Teresa wants to press charges against the boy's mother! She alleges the mother threatened her life. Girl, bye! Since the incident, Teresa also claims she has been receing death threats and that she can not walk around Brooklyn without being recognized:



The freakin' nerve!

Following the incident, it seems Jason Littlejohn and the people in the community are rallying to protest as they seek "JusticeForJeremiah," whom we assume is the name of the little boy. Peep the posts below:

By the way, a GoFundMe page has been made for the little boy who was affected by the incident. You can donate here.

Thoughts? We know you have plenty.

Photos: Screenshot via News 12 Brooklyn




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