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Everything Nicki Minaj Said That Kicked Off Last Night's Back-And-Forth Beef With Cardi B.

While listening to Nicki Minaj's new episode of Queen Radio, you already KNEW it was about to be some sh*t popping off for the next 12 hours.  And it was.  We've got everything Nicki said that had Cardi B. pissed to the high heavens and responding point-by-point.
Let the draggings commence!
Nicki said she "wasn't trying to be messy", but she had some ish to get off her chest.  On yesterday's episode of Queen Radio, Nicki was FED.UP. chile.  She said she was tired of Cardi and her sister, Hennessy Carolina, threatening her Barbz and "lying on her," so she cleared the air.  And she had another story to tell about Knotgate:
On Rah Ali allegedly being the one who beat up Cardi B.
Yesterday, the sister was saying some more rude things about me, and lies.  SO am i supposed to just not defend myself ever?  I’m the queen and I’m rich and all that, I get it.

I’m sure there’s surveillance footage.  Rah really really beat Cardi’s ass bad.  Like, really bad.  And I’m not trying to be messy.  You went home and told people Security hit you.  And we let you tell that lie… and I told Rah to not say she hit her because legalities.  I knew they would sue the person with money.

Rah held her head and hit her about 8-10 times.  The hardest punch’s I ever heard in my life.

The punches were so hard in your head that I was mad at Rah.  But Rah didn’t like your attitude, the way you came at me.  Rah said "I couldn’t take that chance, she looked like she was about to come at you."

As soon as Rah let your head up, I saw the knot on your head.  You know damn well a ni**a didn’t put that knot on your head.  But I let it ride.

And then you have your sister go and talk about me and say I’m leaking numbers.  The way I look.  I’m a bad bitch.  The fact that she, or either of you, would even talk about my looks….

You can’t control your sister but you want me to control millions of fans. 

That lady that was with you didn’t touch Rah.  Didn’t do a thing.  Nobody that was with you didn’t touch Rah.  And you know that. Whoever wants to pull up the surveillance footage, I’ll give you $100K. Lie for what?  I don’t have to.  I’m not a child.  But you got your sister calling my friends all kind of mess.  Why are y’all so obsessed with me?  You always on Live talking about me and my fans.  Leave us alone.
I’m not going to let Rah look like a liar.  She tried to take the camera from my cameraman because sh didn’t want that out.  But I’m not going to put that out sweetheart, you getting beat up.

Your sister bringing up Nicki, FOR WHAT?  Let’s make our music and just be happy.  This is ridiculous.  I don’t want to put the footage out, but….”

I just want people to keep my name out of their mouth.  You get mad when my fans defend me, but you allow people close to you to defame my character.  We can all make this stop.

Nicki on Cardi allegedly stopping other people's bags:
We let so much ride. I let it ride that I met up with you in a hotel room and you told me my 21 Savage verse was about you. I told my engineer I didn't know anything about her. Offset and 21 Savage didn't do that London on da track record because she said I was talking about her. It was clear she wanted to turn them against me and that's what she did. On Krippy Kush record, she wanted to be on it. It went from 21 Savage to Travis Scott — he wasn’t allowed, because he was on her single. I can say you stopped two bags!
They asked if I was okay putting Travis instead of 21 and I said sure, and he ended up being in the video. There’s certain things I won’t say because it will cause problems in her circle. And I’m not a devious person. 
On being accused of leaking numbers and her private sit down she had with Cardi:
You can't lie on me, leaking numbers. Now you know the truth. Your big sister came home and lied to you, now what?
You asked me to be on your second single. And I said no because I felt it was too much because “Motorsport” was about to come out. Now you all lovey dovey with them girls, why you not ask Remy and Kim to be on your second single?
There’s so many things I can say but I don’t. I love where I am in my life. I was fine with leaving everything good. We can just be happy. There’s nothing that really makes me not like you like that, you know what I’m saying? You know the things I spoke to you in the hotel room — we going to keep them between me and you, for now. 
On the disses that Nicki says weren't actually disses:
London on da track was so disappointed. I felt bad for him. I wasn’t dissing you when I called you a quarterback on “Motorsport” — when Wayne said that’s the best compliment I could give a female rapper.
She planted those seeds for people not to like me. She did. I’m perfectly fine with never talking about this again. And me never bringing you up again and you never bringing me up again. I hear the shots you taking, but I’m a rapper, remember that. 
We have you on footage trying to take my cameraman’s camera. There’s a reason why you wanted that footage, babe. 


Sex talk with guest Kandi Burruss:


NICKI: Here’s my theory on sex, women and men have these roles where the man chooses the woman. No, the woman chooses you. A ni**a can’t f*ck me.  I f*ck you.  And when I’m done, F*CK YOU!
NICKIDo bad bitches get a pass when it comes to giving head? 
KANDI: Do you have a maintenance man?
NICKIThe thing is, I am for the first time in my life dating. I’ve never dated! In a lot of ways, I’m a lot younger in sexual years. You know, like in dog years? In sexual years, I haven’t met enough people to decide what I really like and want. Kandi — I had sex with one man for 10 years. I’m the best girlfriend, by the way, I don’t need to cheat. 


Nicki on female rappers turning the rap game into "clown sh*t":

Every female rapper that has a semi-pretty looking face, they’re telling them they’re a rapper now. I remember when I was coming up, every female rapper was hard. You cannot tell me when we were coming up — Kim, Foxy, Eve, Trina, Lauryn, Left Eye — everybody could actually still rap, though.
Now, it’s a joke. We took rap and made it into a joke. If you cute, got a couple Instagram followers, you’re a rapper now, what? It’s not even a passion. 


They all Lil Wayne fans. I’ll never say what Wayne thinks of the current state of hip-hop. Lil Waynes and Lil Nickis. They’ll pretend they don’t like us or aren’t inspired by us. When Wayne was creating Young Money, he cared about lyrics. He still cares about lyrics. I don’t even understand what they’re saying.
Let me be clear — I love a lot of people from Atlanta, but I don't think it has to do with where you’re from. It has to do with passion. Young Thug is passionate. Future is passionate about music. I want to see the passion in music. But now, we’ve got people putting together the most ABC raps with all the confidence in the world. When you see people being posted over and over on a blog, there’s a reason for that. People is paying for it. I haven’t paid a blog ever to post anything. 
I’m a NY bitch from the heart, but Tyga makes me feel like I wish I was from LA. Being from NY, we loved Snoop and Eazy-E, we loved westside culture. When you come up listening to Jay-Z, Nas, Foxy, Kim — they were rapping with so much passion. Not only are there ABC rhymes now, they lack passion. We’re just going to keep giving them a pass.
A lot of people bring up 6ix9ine — not only does he have passion, he has an ear. I do want rappers to be passionate about rap. Lyrics aren’t a criteria anymore? 
This is some clown shit, now. The reality TV shows did it. When you take reality TV shows and mix with Instagram, then you get an overnight celebrity. They’re forgetting that they’re a gimmick and then their head is getting big, and then they’ve created a monster.
What hurts if you grew up having a passion and you worked at it and put your all into it, and then all of a sudden, the people coming up in it now are just like, oh okay, I’m going to put on a colorful wig, maybe get some ass shots, whatever to be like Nicki… 
That last statement though - very rich of her to say since she admits to purposely doing gimmicky things at the beginning of her career.






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