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Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko Gets DRAGGED For 'Cowboys & Indians' Themed Birthday Bash To Celebrate Kenzo's 1st Birthday

 photo kenzobday1.png

Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Hart is getting dragged on social media  (Kev is getting a light drag) for throwing a "Cowboys & Indians" themed birthday party for their son Kenzo Hart's first birthday. More inside...

Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart are getting schooled online after throwing their son, Kenzo Hart, a "Cowboys & Indians" themed birthday party to celebrate his first birthday. Folks are even more up in arms for throwing this type of bash so close to Thanksgiving.

If you know the real history of Thanksgiving, then you know pilgrims/colonizers killed a whole tribe of Native Americans and celebrated the next day as it was declared "A Day Of Thanksgiving" after the men, women and children were killed.

In the first flick Eniko shared from the party (above), she snapped a group shot of everyone in attendance dressed up as Native Americans with the caption, "Zos cowboys & indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys!"

 photo kenzobday2.png

Kenzo is a cutie despite the drama.

 photo enikomom.png

 photo kenzobday3.png

Folks have been blasting Eniko and Kev for not knowing better and how insensitive it can be to appropriate Native Americans' culture for their entertainement.

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 photo kenzocomments7.52.png

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Sheesh. No one in the camp thought this was a bad idea before it was executed?

Meanwhile, Kenzo was the cutest:

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A post shared by E N I K O H A R T (@enikohart) on



The Night School actor didn't post any pictures from the party on his social media, however, he did post up this birthday tribute:



Eniko posted a tribute to baby Kenzo too:



Photos: Eniko's IG





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