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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Simone Argues With Cecil AGAIN On 'Married 2 Med' Over Inappropriate Dinner With 'Friend' Tammy

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Not sure about y'all, but we're having that same feeling of disgust about Cecil and "Tammy" that we did when Dr. Simone spilled all that tea about their friendship during the last "Married 2 Medicine" reunion.  The latest on their foolishness inside....

On the last reunion show for "Married 2 Med", Simone finally revealed what a lot of her pent up anger was about when it came to her husband Cecil.  She had announced they were divorcing, and her cast members just couldn't understand why.  We guess the fact Cecil never tells Simone he loves her and has issues with boundaries would be non-issues for them in THEIR marriages.  Chile....

When Dr. Simone dropped the truth bomb about Cecil's inappropriate relationship with the couple's long time friend Tammy, folks didn't have much more to say.  Simone went off, dropping tea about Tammy staying with them for 8 days...during the Holidays....even though she lives down the street from them.  As usual, Cecil acted like a mute and as if he saw nothing wrong with the "friendship."  It wasn't enough that his wife saw everything wrong with it.

Some type of way, Toya Harris, Dr. Jackie and others convinced Simone to call off the divorce and work things out.  This season, Cecil was allowed to move back in with Simone, but that ish didn't last long.

On tonight's episode (the show moves to Fridays tonight!), Simone and Cecil go to dinner where Simone unloads about his completely inappropriate solo dinner date with Tammy.  Simone became ALL the way unhinged, and we're not mad at any of it.  Cecil's even got us fuming.  He is trying it, and trying TF out of it.

Check out our exclusive sneak peek below:



How is one this disrespectful without a job? Pssh...

Married to Medicine” moves to its new time airing Fridays at 9PM ET/PT on Bravo.


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