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TRAGIC: 9-Year-Old Alabama Girl Commits Suicide After Enduring Months Of Racist Bullying

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In very unfortunate news, a 9-year-old girl has taken her life after she was bullied for months at school. Details inside...

This story breaks our hearts.

McKenzie Adams, a 9-year-old fourth-grader from Alabama, took her own life last week after she was reportedly the target of constant racial taunts and name calling that went on for months.

McKenzie's mother, Jasmine Adams, told CBS News she blames the school because she reported the bullying to school officials and they assured her they would keep a close eye out on her. However, the school claims they had NO knowledge of ANY bullying towards McKenzie. Ms. Adams said she put her daughter in that school - U.S. Jones Elementary School in Demopolis - after she was being bullied at her previous school.

McKenzie use to ride to school with one of her classmates, who is a white boy, and she said the kids teased her about it. Her mother said one time a boy wrote her a letter where he called her the n-word and the b-word.

McKenzie's aunt, Eddwina Harris, spoke to PEOPLE and gave the chilling details about how the little girl took her life: 

“Something happened that day from one of these bullies that pushed my niece over to the edge,” Adams aunt, Eddwina Harris, 33, tells PEOPLE. “It’s an emotional roller coaster. We’re heartbroken.”

Harris says that Adams, who attended U.S. Jones Elementary School in Demopolis, returned home that day and did her homework like always. Adams then excused herself to go to the bathroom, and her grandmother noticed that the little girl had been gone longer than usual.

“She went to the bathroom and the door was locked. [Her grandmother] said, ‘Unlock the door. What are you doing?’ ” Harris recalls of Adams’ grandmother, whom the little girl lived with. “She ran and got a butter knife and she unlocked the door. She found McKenzie.”

So tragic.

The results of a police investigation is still pending, but so far, police claim they haven't found any evidence the school knew of the bullying. The Demopolis City Schools System offered it's condolences to the family and "there have been no findings of any reports of bullying by either the student or family."

Absolutely heartbreaking.  We hope ALL parents learn from this tragedy and check in with their children and condemn any bullying ways.  R.I.P. McKenzie.


Photos: Courtesy of McKenzie Adams' aunt Eddwina Harris

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