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'Black Ink' Stars Ceaser & Teddy Respond After Horrific Fight With Donna & Alex - Fans DRAG Them Over It

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All hell broke loose on the lastest episode of "Black Ink" and everyone's talking about it. Let's discuss the ratchet shenanigans inside...

"Black Ink" is KNOWN for brawling, fussing, heated arguments and the like. This entire season has been Ceasar vs. everybody! But the last episode of the reality show has everyone hating tattoo king Ceaser and his right hand man/cousin Teddy Ruks.

The crew jetted to Upstate NY to party it up with the bride-to-be Young Bae before she makes her way down the aisle to marry her fiance Rob. They were laced with butlers, caviar, and a gigantic mansion for the weekend. "Father of the Bride" Ceaser - which Bae asked him to be for the day - was praised for going all out for the pre-wedding festivities.

Everything was all good, until Bae said she was inviting Ceaser's friend-turned-enemy O'Sh*t (aka Richard) and his (alleged) scammer of a wife. When they arrived, Ceaser got on his a**hole steez and an argument ensued. After sharing words (and almost blows), Richard and his wife eventually left.

Check it:

With tension still all in the air, Donna and boyfriend Alex walked in.  Things went from bad to worse in seconds. On the previous episode, Donna had gotten into one of her many heated arguments with Ceasar, and he fired her for the 100th time.  So he definitely wasn't happy to see her and Alex - who still works there - walk in.

As soon as Donna and Alex walked in, Ceaser started coming for them, asking them if they had anything they wanted to say to him.

Even though the Black Ink honco was already turned up, Donna and Alex tried to keep the peace, but Ceaser wouldn't let it go. Next thing you know, Ceaser gets up, Teddy jumps up (which he didn't do when Richard got buck) and a huge brawl broke out with Teddy and Ceaser attacking Alex...for literally no reason.

Watch the fight go down below:


After the episode aired, fans have been dragging Ceaser and Teddy for FILTH for trying to jump Alex. Here's some of what folks have been saying: 

















 photo fansdragteddy.png

Yeah, it was clear Teddy had pent up anger from his situatonship with Tatti that he oddly stayed quiet about, as well as al the drama with his brother taking a plea deal and going to jail.

Still, this isn't even the HALF of what folks are saying about them.

After receiving so much backlash, Teddy decided to apologize to Alex, and then delete it. Here's what he said:

 photo blackinkfight1.png

 photo blackinkfight2.png

Alex caught wind of Teddy's apology and called him out for not picking up the phone and apologizing man to man. He also reposted several posts that fans put up about the fight. Get into his response below:

 photo blackinkfight3.png

 photo blackinkfight4.png

 photo blackinkfight5.png

 photo blackinkfight6.png

 photo blackinkfight7.png

 photo blackinkfight8.png

Alex is WITH the sh*ts.

Ceaser hopped on Instagram Live to try to explain why he went off on Alex and Donna. He said he has taken a lot of sh*t from people and he just got fed up. He says the public doesn't see all the disrespect he takes, due to editing. He also said he's NOT apologizing until Alex apologizes to him. Wait...what?

Peep the clip below:

Oh, and before the episode aired, Ceaser posted up a reunion picture with his "family", former "Black Ink" stars Puma and Sassy:


Hmm...we wonder if this means these two will be returning to the show since he (and Teddy) have "fired" Sky, Donna, Alex AND Jadah.

This is a whole mess! 

Photos: VH1

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