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Pastor John Gray Allegedly Confesses To Cheating On Wife Before That LAMBO Gift, Responds To Rumors He Allegedly Got Mistress Pregnant

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Pastor John Gray is back in the headlines after gifting his wife Aventar Gray a Lamborghini. Word on the curb is that he gifted her the luxury whip after his wife allegedly found out he was cheating and possibly got his side chick pregnant. Deets inside...

Pastor John Gray has laid his burdens down in front of the world.

During a recent church sermon, Pastor Gray - senior pastor at Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina - seemingly confessed to stepping out on his marriage. And he did so in the pulpit with his wife, Aventar Gray, by his side. He talked about how over the last two years he and his wife were headed towards divorce. He said they kept a happy family front even though they were not on one accord.

"We had to keep smiling because even though we were struggling. Even though I was failing as a husband, I was already in front of the people and the people can't really receive my brokeness becasue where do leaders go when they bleed?" he said to the congregation.

"So I had to bleed alone. And what's strange is I traveled the whole world and the Holy Ghost showed up and people got saved and me and wife just kept smiling and nobody knew we were getting ready to get a divorce. Because as long as I kept producing, nobody cared what was happening at home," he continued.

"I started listening to the wrong voices and let some people get too close. She found out and she set it off, just like a good wife should."

Then, his wife grabbed the mic to defend her husband and marriage while dropping a few more deets about his infidelity.

"And then I prayed for them and him and then the devil loses," she said. "Because what's not going to happen is you tell me that I'm going to lose my purpose because someone whispered to a '16-year-old John'. The devil is a lie. I'm standing with my husband and you can go on back to the pits of hell where you came from. Was I upset? Yes. Was I heartbroken? Yes. But, you better learn how to get in there for the - what's the vows? - better and worst so when the worst shows up you don't run way."

She continued,

"I am the RIB that God took from him. I'm his Rest In Brokenness until he wakes up and understands who he is. You pray wife while the devils run away. I'm not saying sit there in perpetual foolishness, I'm saying to pray the devils away. If you give up too soon, he wins. He couldn't have this purpose. He knew what this was. He was coming for y'all, that's why he came for us. We know better! I see you devil, but you don't want it with me! You can't have this here devil!"

We guess sis...

Check it at the 4:30 minute mark below:


Whew, chile.

Aventar's message doesn't surprise us. A few months ago, Pastor Gray opened up about how his wife "birthed" him and kept him "covered" as he grew into a man. He talked about how she had to self-sacrifice to make him better since he wasn't ready to be the husband she needed him to be when he asked for her hand in marriage.

Better her than us.  Because Michelle Obama said marrying a fully formed man is the way to go.

Last month, Pastor Gray gifted his wife a $200K Lamborghini SUV for their 8th anniversary and folks now think he copped her the luxury gift to say "sorry" for (allegedly) cheating.

Check it:


View this post on Instagram

Two weeks after drawing praise for allowing congregants in need to take cash directly from his offering baskets, Pastor #JohnGray of Relentless Church #Greenville, South Carolina, is drawing flak for gifting his wife a Lamborghini Urusfor their eighth wedding anniversary celebration that left her screaming on Saturday. The Urus, with prices starting at about $200,000 in 2017, according to Fortune. In a clip of the moment posted on Instagram by Sue Mayweather, Gray is shown leading his wife, Aventer, to the luxury vehicle and once she realizes what the gift is, she breaks out in screams. Her husband is seen holding her hand before declaring to the crowd “#Lamborghini #Urus.” Mayweather noted that Gray’s wife also gifted him the “‘green box’ #Rolex,” a term used to describe the Rolex Explorer II This is Trapmerica. There is no need for a pastor to live like this. #yeahthatgreenville #church #pimps #pimpin #moneyhungry #wwjd #notthisshit #wtf #nonotthatgreenville

A post shared by Trapmerica (@thisistrapmerica) on


Also, Pastor Gray is being accused of using church funds for the big purchase. However, he denies it all. He insisted he used cash from his reality TV show on the OWN Network for the vehicle.

See his response below:

Aventar also hopped on social media to defend her husband:

 photo pastorgray3.png

There's also this...

 photo pastorgray1.jpg


One of his alleged side chicks emailed Obnoxious TV with details about her situationship with the pastor. It's alleged the side chick could possibly be pregnant:

“John had an affair with a woman that was rumored to have been expecting a child with. Apparently his wife confronted the alleged girlfriend and gave her and old fashioned ass whipping. Obnoxious Media is not sure if she was paid to have an abortion or if Aventar [sic] whipped her into a miscarriage. We will get to the bottom of this story and all details involved, but what we know is their [sic] was definitely an affair and a physical altercation. John was thanking his wife for not exposing him, leaving him and killing his ministry as a thank you with the expensive gift.”

We are not confirming or denying, just letting y'all know what is being alleged publicly.

You can read the alleged side chick's full account here.


Photos: Pastor Gray's IG

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