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Cyn Santana Apologizes For Resurfaced Comments About Black Women, Dating Black Men Because They 'Cater To Spanish Women'

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Cyn Santana is offering up apologies for comments she made about black women and men in a podcast that has resurfaced. Find out what she said and peep her apology inside...

[UPDATE: Cyn says she's never NOT accepted that she herself is black. She also says she never said the comment about black women's attitudes]:


After the last episode of "Love & Hip Hop" aired, fans have been rallying behind Cyn Santana. The new mom poured her heart out to her man (now fiance) Joe Budden about dealing with postpartum depression. During their heart-to-heart, Joe was super insensitive, which led folks to take up for her on social media.

Well, someone did some digging and questioned why black women are coming to her defense when she made some shady comments about black women in the past.



So what's this about? Well, Cyn appeared on Angela Yee's "Lip Service" podcast with "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Betty Idol back in 2016 where Cyn made a few questionable comments as they were talking about Diddy and Jennifer Lopez's previous relationship. The reality star said she preferred dating black men because "they cater to Spanish women":

"I just love black guys and Spanish girls together. Y'all can keep the Puerto Rican men, I'm good. I do black guys all day, sorry. I did the Spanish thing, doesn't work out for me, I'm good. I don't know. I think they're too emotional," she said.

"They, black guys, cater to us Spanish girls, especially. Like they - you know what, let me not even get into it. I didn't mean it like that. Black girls are going to take it personal, like 'UH! UH!' Anyway, I'm done with the Papis."


Check it at the 17-minute mark below:

Cyn's comments from the interview are being shared on social media and black women are reading her for filth:














With all of the backlash, Cyn decided to respond with a whole op-ed piece and apology. Peep her tweets below (read from the bottom up):




Regardless of how old this interview is (old is relative, she's been in the spotlight for just a few years) or whether the word "especially" would have actually changed any context of what she clearly meant at the time, it's a worthy conversation to have.  It should be had without people judging, dismissing, or assuming women have anything to be "jealous" of.

Her soon-to-be husband, who is black, hasn't addressed this yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if he invited her as guest on his own podcast to clear the air. We also wouldn't be surprised if he completely doesn't address this at all, or if he does chime in with a co-sign on her original comments. 

Basically, nothing shocks us about situations like these.

So, what do you make of Cyn's comments and apology? Tell us in the comments!



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