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Cory Booker Is Running For President, Is Already Tackling Naysayers & Plans To 'Tell The Hard Truths'

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Senator Cory Booker is ready to take his talents to the White House. His major Presidential announcement this morning, his first tv interview on "The View" and more inside.

Cory Booker has officially entered the 2020 race for President, just as many expected. The Democratic Senator from New Jersey - who still lives in the same low income neighborhood he's lived in since he was Mayor of Newark over a decade ago - made his powerful announcement this AM.

It's no coincidence (NOTHING is coincidence with any political candidate, btw) he announced on the first day of Black History Month. His announcement started off telling the story of his family (consisting of two biracial parents) being discriminated against, because of their skin color, when trying to purchase their first home. He spoke about the politicians in the community coming together to make it right.

He's already serving classy Twitter clapbacks, something he became a master at while serving as Mayor of Newark from 2006-2013:


It's not all negative. He's getting plenty of support on social media as well:

Sen. Booker made his first TV post-announcement TV appearance on "The View" this morning: 

There, he explained why he's not taking money from PACs or corporations.  Like President Obama did, he's putting emphasis on small donations from the public, because he believes the people is where the power lies and where change happens.

As for race in America, he's not backing down like many do about telling the hard truths.  On having the patience to navigate a VERY partisan country, he told co-host Whoopi Goldberg he had to work with a Republican Governor (Chris Christie) on shifting focus from gentrification to investing more in affordable housing.  

"This can't be about avoiding the hard conversation.  It can't be about telling the truth of race in America.  In fact, I can't stand when people try to white wash our history, or try to Santa Clausify people like Martn Luther King who was against the Vietnam War and for economic justice. We need to have the hard conversations and telling the truth is the beginning of reconciliation."

He's also made a few strategic moves already. He talked up his family in Iowa (a major state any candidate needs to win in primaries and the general election) and his campaign manager is Addisu Demissie, a black male from California, and the Senator's pretty fluent in Spanish. He called into Univision to chat this morning.

As for Trump's mouthpiece KellyAnne Conway, who said this morning Sen. Booker just sounds like a Hallmark card, he's already made it known he won't be running as a candidate who contributes to the toxic, bullying environment politics has become.

Random fact: He has a damn near identical brother named Carey:

Here's a few clips from this morning's appearance:


Sen. Booker joins fellow Dems Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, Julian Castro and more in the race. 

Thoughts so far?


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