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21 Savage Says He Was 'Definitely Targeted,' Cops Told Him 'We Got Savage' + NEW Felony Warrant Pops Up After Rapper's Release

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21 Savage speaks out for the first time since he was released on bond this week after being arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Find out rhe details of his arrest, plus a new report about a felony warrant against him inside...

Rapper 21 Savage (real name She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) was released from the custody of the Immigration Enforcement Agency (ICE) after he was arrested on Feb. 3rd (Super Bowl Sunday) in Atlanta during a "targeted operation." ICE claims 21 is a citizen of the United Kingdom and was living here illegally. The arrest forced him to miss his performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards. He filed for a U-Visa in 2017 (which is currently pending), but he still could face deportation (thanks to Trump's new policy).

One day after his release, he sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview since his release and he's sharing details about how the arrest went down, what it was like being detained and his thoughts on the immigration policy.



"Yeah, but I feel like I done been through so much in my life, like, I learned to embrace the times when I'm down 'cause they always build me up and take me to a new level in life," he told ABC News' Linsey Davis in the interview.

The Grammy nominated rapper said one minute he was driving around ATL and the next, he was in the back seat of a cop car.

"I was just driving. And I just seen guns and blue lights. And, then, I was in the back of a car. And I was gone," he said about his arrest.

When asked if he was told that he was under arrest, the rapper said, "Nah. They didn't -- they didn't say nothing. They just said, 'We got Savage.'"


"It was definitely targeted. There was helicopters," he said.

High profile people are often targeted, especially when they have legal issues, so it shouldn't really come as a surprise.

The "A Lot" rapper came to the United States at the age of 7 with his mother in 2005. ICE says the 26-year-old rapper is a citizen of the United Kingdom and entered the country legally in July 2005 as a minor, but subsequently overstayed his visa. He apparently had applied for a U-Visa recently and was awaiting a response.

While being detained, he said he was only allowed out of his cell for an hour-a-day.

"So it's like even if I'm sitting in a cell on 23-hour lockdown, in my mind, I know what's gonna come after that. So I'm not happy about it. But I'm accepting of it," he added. "My mama told me to picture where I wanna be," 21 Savage said, describing what was going on in his mind when he was detained. "She said, 'Visualize yourself, whatever you wanna do, just close your eyes and visualize yourself doing that. And as long as you do that, you will never be in jail.'"

The "A Lot" rapper, who was arrested just days after he released the visuals for "A Lot," said he didn't even know what a Visa was and had no idea how it would affect his life as an adult.

21 said his lawyers think ICE targeted him due the lyrics in his song, but he isn't sure if that's the real reason.



Several celebs, including T.I., Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, Cardi B, and more, have spoken out in his defense, joining together in solidarity with the "Rockstar" rapper and others detained by ICE.

Dina LaPolt, the rapper's lead attorney, questioned the timing of the rapper's arrest in aninterview with "Good Morning America" on Thursday and said that she thinks he could have been targeted so that the administration can send a message on immigration.

"The Trump administration, their policies on immigration have been pretty debilitating. And I think that, you know, they look for ways to make examples of people," she said, suggesting that the government already knew that the rapper didn't have legal status because he already had a U visa application pending with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.



The Administration - like local law enforcement - has been pretty upfront that yes, they do often do things to send a message.  It's how enforcing laws for the masses works.   21 said he doesn't think the policy is broken, however, they way the policy is enforced is broken.  Valid point as well.

As you know, Jay-Z hired high-powered attorney Alex Spiro to assist in the case and they're all working tirelessly to get the rapper out of this sticky situation.

As if he needed something else to go wrong, a new report claims a felony warrant against the rapper as come to light. 21 Savage was reportedly scheduled to perform at a gig in Southern Georgia, but he bounced after he was paid. It's alleged he was given $9,500 in advance from the promoter and received the $7,500 balance when she showed up, however, he never hit the stage for the scheduled performance.

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So Very Thankful...to all the wonderful Fans of 21Savage, and forever grateful for the amazing vigorous hard work of Attorney’s Charles “Chuck” Kuck, Dina LaPolt, Alex Spiro, Tia Smith, Sally Velazquez, Danielle Price, Abbie Taylor & To all the other amazing Attorney’s..to Congressman Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez & each and every politician or public figure that stepped up and presented letters and made statements in defense of my son. To Jay Z, Cardi B, Offset, J Cole, Metro Boomin, Kei, Justin and all the many many other amazing people who either spoke out and/or offered comforting words of support...To the amazing Publicity team who together worked tirelessly to keep the facts out there, to make it possible to have national awareness of his situation and helped to gather tremendous support from wonderful people from all walks of life.. We are truly thankful and forever humbled...THANK YOU ...THANK YOU....THANK

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TMZ reports:

For some reason, 21 bailed without taking the stage, but still left with the money. In all, the promoter claimed she was out $17,000.

The promoter went to cops in October 2016, filed a police report and then filed paperwork to get a felony warrant for theft by deception. The warrant was issued, but sat for more than 2 years.


Photo: ABC News

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