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EXCLUSIVE: Lil Mo Explains Why She Stays With Cheating Husband Karl Dargan, Even After Facetime Scandal

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After boxer Karl Dargan was caught FaceTiming another woman on "Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition," his singer wife Lil’ Mo is finally getting answers.  But her response about why she's staying with him is....interesting.  We've got it exclusively inside.

On tonight's episode of "Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition," Lil Mo finds out who her husband Karl Durgan has been Facetiming with, because it certainly wasn't his sister like he claimed.

What we do now is, they're seemingly still together as of a few days ago.  The show was taped months ago.  So why is she staying with him when this certainly isn't the first time he's been caught or even suspected of cheating?

We've got an exclusive sneak peek at her explanation below:


Basically, chick believes she's his superwoman and savior, and he just won't be able to do life without her if she leaves. Something tells us he will be JUST fine just like he was before y'all met. But mmkay girl.


We hope whoever turned up on that Facetime was a family member or a publicist or soemthing. Because if not......


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