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Incriminating Evidence Against Jussie Smollett Revealed At Bail Hearing - Texts, Bank Statements & How Jussie Allegedly Concocted Plan With Brothers

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Jussie Smollett's bail hearing revealed MANY things.  Almost all of it quite incriminating against the "Empire" actor.  Details inside.


Jussie Smollett has posted $100K bail, paying $10K on a D-Bond, after this morning's arrest.  He also turned over his passport as part of his bail agreement.  According to CNN correspondent Ryan Young who was in the courtroom, while text message proof was being read at the hearing, Jussie just closed his eyes and shook his head.

Just moments ago at the Criminal Court Building in Chicago, Jussie faced the judge surrounding his felonious reckless endangerment charge.  The charge maintains he filed a false police report and the hate crime he reported being a victim of, was a hoax concocted and masterminded by Jussie himself.

The State's Attorney spoke out after the hearing with an incredibly incriminating statement of events that the prosecution has claimed occurred.  While Jussie is still innocent until proven guilty, it was made clear in major detail why Jussie was arrested this morning.  Evidence was used from text messages from the brothers' - who Jussie allegedly hired to "attack" him - phone records, records from Chicago phone towers, and bank statements, none of which could be manipulated when received directly from bank and mobile institutions.

Jussie's siblings were there, all wearing dark shades, and were mobbed by reporters when leaving.

Here's what stood out to us according to the report from the State's Attorney: Jussie has had a friendship with Abel Osundairo since Fall 2017.  He also knew his brother.  The brothers were born here in the States and are of Nigerian decent.  Abel not only worked on "Empire," but he was the source of designer drugs like molly/ecstasy for Jussie, and allegedly sold to him on multiple occasions.

Jussie also worked out with Abel, who is a trainer and bodybuilder.  One night, Jussie drove him home after a session.  That is allegedly where he revealed the plan to stage a fake attack.  Jussie reportedly said he wanted to do this because he was distraught over his "Empire" salary and was upset that the threatening letter sent to Fox about Jussie - which he supposedly sent himself - didn't "get more attention."

Once they arrived at Abel's home where brother Ola also lived, they reportedly told Ola to come into the car as well because Jussie wanted him to help, and that's where they discussed the plan.

The attack was supposed to take place on January 28th, but Jussie's flight was several hours late arriving back into Chicago, which we confirmed when the attack story originally broke.  This explains why everything happened after 2am.

Jussie even drove the brothers to where the attack was to take place - right near his home in a different part of town than the brothers lived.

Due to uber/taxi pick ups and drop off records, police could see that the brothers were indeed near the "crime" scene at that time then taken home. Also, the brothers maintained that Jussie wrote them a check for $3500, which obviously wasn't just for fitness sessions in their eyes.  Jussie gave them $100 as well to buy masks and red hats to be used during the "attack."  The brothers were seen on surveillance video buying said items and it was backed up with bank statements. 

Jussie also allegedly told brothers to put a noose and gasoline (it ended up being bleach) on him.  Basically, a hate crime starter pack. He reportedly ordered them to yell out "Empire" when the meet up occurs, so Jussie knows it's them.  And they choreographed exactly how the "punches" would be thrown.

Jussie's lawyers asked for him to be released with no money down and quickly, because he needs to get back on set in the next 45 mins.


The judge, who is African American, said no.  He also said if this is actually a hoax hate crime, this is utterly despicable. 

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has recused herself because of her 'familiarity' with some of the people involved.

Here's the chaos that ensued after his release: 





As of a few days ago, Jussie is reportedly looking to hire Mark Geragos, who led Colin Kaepernick's legal team in the NFL collusion case. He already reportedly hired a crisis manager.

By the way, TNT has already removed his episode of "Drop The Mic" that was scheduled to air soon.  Said a TNT spokesperson:

“We are pulling the episode in the interest of not being exploitative of an incredibly sensitive situation. We are holding on airing his episode for now and we are replacing it with the Raven Simon vs Ron Funches and Joey McIntyre vs Joey Fatone episode.”

Jussie's lawyers maintain they will create "an aggressive defense."

What a mess.


Photo: Jussie's Instagram

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