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Now 'Sources' Claim Jordyn Woods Allegedly Hooked Up With Khloe's Ex-James Harden

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The Kardashian machine is working overtime. Now, word on the curb is that Jordyn Woods "hooked up" with Khloe Kardashian's ex-baller boo James Harden. Catch up on the conflicting stories inside...

Listen, folks in the Kardashian camp are working overtime to drag Jordyn Woods' name all through the mud.

Now, "sources" are claiming Jordyn hooked up with Khloe Kardashian's ex-boyfriend James Harden, whom she dated for 8-months. The details about when this alleged situationship went down are unclear being that there are conflicting timelines about the 21-year-old supposedly getting cozy with the Houston Rockets baller. It's also unclear when Khloe supposedly found out about it.

The Blast claims sources told them that Jordyn - who modeled for Khloe's Good American brand - told some of her friends she hooked up with James Harden RIGHT after her make out session with Tristan. These sources claim she told her friends she talked to Khloe about "hooking up" with Harden and that Khloe gave Jordyn her "blessing."

But apparently, she never spoke to Khloe about Harden and Khloe supposedly found out about Harden after news broke about cheater Tristan.

Below are the deets:

The incident with Harden allegedly went down Monday, February 18 in Los Angeles, after James returned home from the NBA All-Star game in Charlotte, NC.

We’re told Woods confided in friends she met up with Harden, and also claimed at the time that she ran the situation by Khloé, who dated Harden for 8-months, and was given the reality star’s “blessing.” We’re told Woods then said she didn’t return home until the next morning.

The Blast reached out to Harden for comment about the situation, as it’s unclear what exactly went down in private between the two.

Unfortunately, Khloé did NOT know about the meeting between Woods and her ex-boyfriend, and only found out through friends after the news broke about Thompson’s alleged infidelity with Woods.

You'll recall, Jordyn and Tristan made out during a house party on Sunday, February 17th, days after Valentine's Day. And these sources claims she "hooked up" with Harden one day later.

Other "sources" spilled tea to US Weekly, and they claim Khloe DID know about her sister's former bestie and her ex.

“Jordyn did hook up with James Harden after Khloé dated him first,” the source told the site, noting the "KUWTK" star was “not with him at the time.”

“Khloé knew that that happened before this Tristan Thompson fiasco," the source continued. That’s not news to her. It wasn’t an issue at the time, but it does show now that Jordyn has a history of omitting facts and crossing lines.”

Another "source" claims Jordyn “denied” hooking up with Harden after Khloe “confronted” her about it at the time.

No word from James Harden...yet.

If you haven't heard, Jordyn recently sat down with family friend Jada Pinkett Smith to likely share her side of the story on a new episode of "Red Table Talk." Her episode will premiere on Facebook Watch THIS Friday:

Stay tuned...


Photos: Jordyn's IG/James' IG

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