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PODCAST BONUS EPISODE: SCAMMER SZN! Jussie Smollett – The Greatest Celeb Scam, Or Has He Been Framed?!

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We're back with another SCAMMER SZN Podcast Bonus Episode!  We needed to break down this Jussie Smollett saga because, we can't even.  Plus, we've got updates about who in the cast is PISSED with Jussie but possibly covering up their feelings.

We're calling it already: This is either going be the biggest celeb based scam of 2019, or the weirdest framing in the history of celebritidom. Whyyyyyyyyyy Jussie. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! #StillHoldingOutHopeThePeopleAreOutToGetHim #NoWeDontKnowWhoThePeopleAre #WereJustSaying #ThePeople

After news came out that the "Empire" cast was PISSED at Jussie and arguments and fights broke out on set after the actor's bail hearing last week, we've learned who he likely fought with the most.  Papa Lyon aka Terrence Howard.

Supposedly, Terrence flipped out on Jussie once he made it back to set, and reportedly threatened to leave himself.


Oddly, Terrence was also the first person to show public support for Jussie.  Maybe covering up the story?

Who knows.

As we previously reported, Jussie's been written out of the final 2 episodes of the season.  So he's had nothing but time to get his defense together while out on bail.  Word also has it that cops don't ACTUALLY know for sure if Jussie wrote that threatening letter that was sent to Fox Studios the week before the alleged attack. CPD said they knew he wrote the letter, but other sources say it's not a guarantee (yet).

Jussie maintains his innocence, and he and his lawyers have dragged up homophobic tweets from the brothers who said they were hired by Jussie to stage the attack. Still confused on who to believe?  We break it down on the latest bonus episode of The YBF Podcast.


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