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COLORISM DEBATE: Folks Aren't Happy Will Smith Is Playing Serena & Venus' Father Because 'He's Not BLACK Enough'

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Will Smith is set to play Richard Williams, father of Serena & Venus Williams, in an upcoming film. However, some folks aren't here for it because they say "he's not black enough." Sighs. More inside...

There's a heated debate about colorism taking over social media. And Will Smith is at the center of it all.

Deadline reported Will Smith is poised to play Richard Williams, the father of tennis legends Venus & Serena Williams, in an upcoming biopic titled King Richard.

The film will share the rags-to-riches story about how Richard coached his daughters from the streets of Compton to becoming the leaders of the elite world of tennis. Mind you, their dad had limited knowledge about tennis when he first started coaching them. The movie will show how the girls' dad overcame hardships, racism, skepticism and more while morphing his daughters into champions.

Well, folks are here for the film - they just don't want Will Smith starring as Richard Williams. Why? Some people feel like "he's not black enough."

Sports writer Clarence Hill Jr. hopped on Twitter and sparked the colorism debate, tweeting that there are "other black actors for the role."



And there are plenty of people who agree with him. Some claim Hollywood is "whitewashing" Venus & Serena's dad:





People suggested black actors like Idris Elba and Mahershala Ali for the role:






Will Smith hasn't reacted to the backlash, however, there are folks in his corner, including Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. and comedian/media personality Steve Harvey:











Check out the clip of Steve Harvey championing behind Will below:

Remember, he played Chris Gardner (who was dark skinned) in the biographical drama The Pursuit of Happyness and killed it. 

No word from Richard, Serena or Venus at the time of this post.

How do you feel about Will Smith playing a dark-skinned man in a movie? Sound off in the comments.




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