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'Broke & Suicidal' R.Kelly Accused By Two More Women - One Who Claims Abuse At 13, Still In Jail Over Child Support Payments He Wants Lowered

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This guy.  R.Kelly - who was thrown back in jail a couple days ago for not paying his child support back payment on time - now wants his payments LOWERED.  He also explains why he allegedly doesn't have the money, and folks are saying he's becoming suicidal.  Details inside.

After the absolute foolery that was that tragic CBS "This Morning" interview, R.Kelly's freedom while out on bail was cut extra short.  Days prior, he was released on $100K bond in his case where he's facing 10 charges of sexual abuse, but on Wednesday, he was already back in jail.  This time for failing to pay back the minimum $161K of the more than $200K he owes ex-wife Drea Kelly in back child support.  By the way, he was told a month ago about this deadline.

According to new reports, R. is begging the judge today to lower his payment amount:

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ ... the singer planned to file a motion Monday to reduce the amount of money he owes his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, in back child support. Once filed, the judge would review the case and issue a ruling, but that could take several days. There's also no guarantee the judge would grant a reduction.

That was Kelly's initial plan. Plan B, we're told, is trying to scrape together the $161k through the assistance of others -- not unlike the woman who paid the $100k to bail him out last month.

If either of these plans work - and we wouldn't be surprised if he found a #FreeRKelly supporter to spend their hard earned coin on him - he could be out of Cook County Jail today.  We shall see.

So where did this dude's money go?  It seems he's been struggling for years.  His Chicago mansion was foreclosed on years ago, he was evicted for illegally living in a music studio in Chicago (and being funny with his money when it came to payments there, too), and most of his music has been pulled from radio stations everywhere. Royalties may not be what they used to be.

R. said in a newly released portion of his CBS interview that people have been "stealing from him."  Apparently, since he's admittedly illiterate, he never accessed or managed his own money. But he knows he "only has $350K left."



Now that he sees the walls closing in on him, it wouldn't be a shock if these new reports of him allegedly being suicidal behind bars are true. Radar Online says an insider told them:

“He was told not to go on television by his lawyers but he ignored the advice. We are dealing with a man who believes he lost everything. He’s suicidal. I don’t know how much more he can or will take.”

The police department spoke on it - without outright confirming - saying:

“He’s on 24-hour observation,” Sophia Ansari, spokesperson for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, told Radar.

R.'s own brother, Carey Kelly, said back in January on ABC News that "Robert isn't built for jail":

“I’m concerned about others harming him as well, but the reason why I say Robert might harm himself is because he won’t want to face the gangbangers [and others].”

“Robert would be suicidal because he can’t do that for years,” he continued. “The easy way out would be for him to take his life.”

Meanwhile, two new accusers - one being a witness named Sabrina - have come forward.

Gloria Allred tells TMZ ... a woman has come forward with details that support the claims Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington -- Allred's clients -- made about Kelly attacking them after a Baltimore concert in 1995.

As we reported, Latresa and Rochelle claim R. Kelly picked them out of the crowd, plied them with drugs and alcohol, invited them to his hotel room and had sex with Latresa without her consent. Both women were minors at the time.

We're told the witness -- who is going only by her first name, Sabrina -- says she saw Latresa and Rochelle in the hotel lobby the night of the alleged incident. She says she noticed Latresa bent over in pain getting out of the hotel elevator.

Sabrina says she offered help and when she asked what happened ... they said R. Kelly assaulted Latresa. We're told Sabrina came forward after seeing Latresa and Rochelle's recent news conference.

Also, a 30-year-old woman in Detroit is claiming R.Kelly abused her when she was just 13-years-old and later gave her herpes at 17. CBS News Chicago says police are anxiously waiting to speak with her:

Detroit detectives are looking into allegations that Kelly and the girl first “engaged in sexual intercourse at an undisclosed hotel” in December 2001, sources said.

The victim, who was 13 years old at the time, said she was visiting her mother and made contact with a friend, who is Kelly’s assistant, sources said.

Kelly and the alleged victim first had sex at the Detroit hotel on Dec. 30, 2001, sources told Edwards. The alleged victim said she and Kelly also had sex at a Detroit recording studio a few weeks later. The woman, now 30, visited Kelly at his home in Atlanta for a period of four years, where she said the singer gave her herpes when she was 17 years old.

It's unclear where her parents were when she was allegedly allowed to fly back and forth to Chicago multiple times at those ages. The alleged victim is believed to be represented by Gloria Allred, who said she had "No comment" on this particular allegation.



Photo: AP News

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