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'SNL' Wins The Night With R. Kelly 'Call Me Victim' Jokes + Host Idris Elba Morphs Into An Angry White Woman + WNBA Gold Diggers Spotlight Unequal Pay

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"Saturday Night Live" hit hard with the R. Kelly jokes, while fie AF in his green suit Idris Elba brought the laughs as an angry white woman. Get your laugh on inside...

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Gayle King's explosive interview with R. Kelly was definitely the highlight of the week, so it's no surprise "Saturday Night Live" decided to do a parody skit. And, of course, it's funny AF.

In the skit, Leslie Jones played unbothered Gayle King and Kenan Thompson played off-the-rails R. Kelly where Kenan served up the perfect performance of the embattled singer, insisting he was a "victim" and he would break out into song at a moment's notice. As you know, Robert Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse charges and has maintained his innocence.

“People think that I’m some kind of monster. I’m here to remove all the doubt. My lawyer was telling me no, but my ego, my ego was telling me yes,” Kenan said, which was a play on Kelly's "Bump 'N Grind" lyrics.

Kenan would randomly break into song a la "Trapped In The Closet".

“It’s ten o’clock in the morning and I’m talking to Oprah’s friend. If I can just get through this, everybody’s gonna love me again," Kenan sung.

When asked about LIFETIME's "Surviving R. Kelly" docu-series, fake Kellz got super emotional.

“These people made a six-part documentary about me. Six! That’s almost ten and not one of them said a nice thing about me. They made it seem like I was the devil, and even if I was, you can’t think of one nice thing to say about the devil?”

“I can,” he added. “Nice horns, gives good advice.”


Kenan ranted just like Kelly did in the interview and Leslie hit him with that epic "Robert..."  Ha.

Get your laugh on below:



"SNL" star Pete Davidson compared R. Kelly's situation to people who still support the Catholic Church.

“If you support the Catholic church, isn’t that the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan?” he asked. “I don’t really see the difference, only one’s music is significantly better."

Pete also brought up the most recent sexual assault allegations made against the late Michael Jackson:

“I’m not saying it’s an easy decision, I’m just saying you don’t know how good someone’s music really is until you find out they’re a pedophile,” he continued. “And the reason everybody’s so upset is because R. Kelly and Michael Jackson made great music. If I found out Macklemore did some stuff, I’d be happy to free up the space on my iPhone.”

Peep the clip above.


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Fine a** Idris Elba made his "Saturday Night Live" debut last night, hitting the stage in a green suit for his opening monologue. Damn, he's fine. The British hottie, who stars in the upcoming Netflix comedy series "Turn Up Charlie," did a run down of how he made it big in Hollywood. He went from a club bouncer, to a DJ, to landing a spot on "The Wire," and the rest is history. Check it:


Over the last year or so, white women have been transformed into epic social media memes for calling the cops on black people for the most ridiculous things. We have BBQ Betty, Permit Patty, and Cornerstore Caroline, to name a few. Well, don't mess with Idris when he's angry because he'll turn into an impossible white lady, dubbed The Impossible Hulk. They should have named her Aggressive Annie.

Peep the clip below:

In the "Gold Diggers" clip...

Idris, Kenan and Chris Redd are male WNBA gold diggers looking to nab them a professional basketball star so they can "live the good life." Problem is, WNBA stars don't get paid as much as NBA stars. And the skit was spot on with shining light on how the woman aren't paid fairly and then told us why. Peep the clip above.

As for the musical entertainment...

Grammy nominated singer Khalid hit the stage to perform his hit "Better." Get into his soulful set above.


By the way, Idris' "Turn Up Charlie" premieres March 15th on Netflix.

Photos: Will Heath/Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

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