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HORRIFYING! Doctor Accused Of Killing Mistress' Baby After She Left Him & Got Pregnant By Another Man [UPDATE]

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In very distrubing news, a cardiologist is being accused of killing his black mistress' baby after she left him and got pregnant by another man. Read the chilling details inside...


Cardiologist Vignendra Ariyarajah appeared in court today and he was ordered to stop practicing medicine in New York State by the state health department "pending the outcome of a full investigation." The doctor was previously indicted on 13 charges, including murder, criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter and assault, among other charges. He's out on bond.

Before he went before a judge, he was still practicing medicine and his business cards were were still front-and-center inside his clinic. It's where the married doctor worked with his mistress, Paul Marie Raymond, before he had her baby killed while he was on vacation with his wife.


Black women are NOT safe and here's another example that proves that point.

A cardiologist is being accused of having his mistress' baby KILLED after she got pregnant by another man. He allegedly came up with this plan to kidnap and starve his pregnant mistress in an attempt to kill her unborn baby.

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Authorities claim Dr. Vignendra Ariyarajah - a married cardiologist - hired two people - one of them a friend of his named Bridgett Singh - hold his mistress hostage inside her Brooklyn home in 2016 while he and his wife were on vacation. His mistress, 30-year-old Paul Marie Raymond, was about seven months pregnant at the time with a child that was not his as she reportedly broke things off with Ariyarajah.

It's reported Dr. Ariyarajah first met Raymond when she began working for him at a MedCare Consultant Multi-Specialty Clinic. He allegedly took care of Raymond financially, but when she tried to leave him, it was more than he could handle, so he horrifically took matters into his own hands.

It's alleged the two people tortured Raymond for days while Dr. Ariyarajah and his wife were on a ski vacation in Montana, according to reports. It's reported they induced Raymond with fentanyl and PCP to try and kill the baby boy. She was tortured for four days before the baby was born alive on Christmas Eve 2016.

Unfortunately, the baby didn't survive. Hours later, he died of an infection caused by prolonged labor and lack of medical intervention, according to an autopsy report. The baby tested positive for both fentanyl and PCP. So sad.

ABC7 NY reports:

At one point, prosecutors said she was left lying on a sheet on the floor, semi-comatose, moaning and covered in vomit. She was later treated for a blood infection and dehydration, and prosecutors say she also say she appeared to have chemical burns on her face, rope marks on her arms and legs, and torn off fingernails.

On December 23, 2016, the victim escaped and ran out of the building. The doctor allegedly sent an ominous text to Singh, writing, "Never, never, never forget to take keys when you leave apartment," adding that if Raymond ran outside, "You must follow her...cannot leave her outside on her own!!!"

Singh allegedly brought her back inside and gave her medication to "calm her down."

Then December 24, Christmas Eve, the victim was in labor. Singh allegedly called 911 but then canceled the ambulance.

When EMTs arrived, the victim had given birth. The baby boy was alive, but he died later that same day.

On the night before her child died, Raymond briefly managed to flee the apartment, but one of the co-conspirators followed her and forced her to return.


Dr. Ariyarajah was charged last month after one of his co-conspirators began cooperating with authorities. He was charged with criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter and assault, among other charges. He is free on $750,000 bond.

This man is free after this woman watched her unborn baby be murdered and she almost lost her own life.  We hope his sentencing, if found guilty, punishes him 100 fold.

Photos: Zocdoc.com

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