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Waka Flocka's Reasons Why He Married Tammy Rivera Spark Debate About Struggle Love

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Part 2 of Thursday night’s episode of "Waka & Tammy Tie the Knot" is going down. In it, Waka says something that certainly begs the question: Are we still praising struggle love?

Watch the clip inside...

We expect for a married person to be able to articulate not only how their partner makes their lives better, but also what they do for their partner, and how they're making this partnership beneficial for them.  Sometimes, unfortunately, it seems that could be overlooked, especially when it comes to reasons a celeb man locks himself down with that special one.

In the clip from part 2 of their WEtv spinoff special, rapper Waka Flocka - who’s been married to wife Tammy Riveria for 5 years and is renewing their vows in this wedding special - tells his homies why she’s so amazing and what made him want to finally marry her. His answer, interestingly,  was solely centered around the fact she put up with his sh*t (for years!) and taught him right from wrong.

Now, we don't doubt Waka loves himself some Tammy.  But, is this all a woman is good for in a relationship? Does suffering thru and dealing with drama incessantly make her a martyr of some way and “wife material?” Especially when a cheater often just keeps cheating and dogging his partner out to some other point in or throughout the marriage anyway?

On the flip side, does a woman putting up with adversity caused by her man legitimately signify her strength in general? And before you answer, would a man “put up with” the same struggle love if she cheated?

When the couple appeared on "Wendy Show" this week, Tammy had to check him about his selfish answer about "missing her eggs and her simply being around all the time" when asked what made them get back together after a brief split.

So, let’s discuss.  Is it struggle love - even if the people are legitimately in love - or nah? Post an audio or video message in the Yappa app below!  Treat it like Facetime for comments, we'll be talking to you too!



Tammy also dropped her new video for her song "Sex With You." Ok chick, we see you.

Photo: Tammy's IG


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