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NEW DETAILS: LAPD Holds Press Conference After Identifying Suspect In Nipsey Hussle's Murder, Social Media Rampant With Theories

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There's updates in the Nipsey Hussle murder case, and the L.A streets and cops are reportedly hot on the trail of the just named suspect. All of the latest details and the social media rumors and theories inside.

After Nipsey Hussle's tragic and senseless shooting death Sunday evening, your social media timelines have probably been flooded with tributes from tons of celebrities and everyday people in the neighborhoods the rapper & businessman impacted.  It's no surprise people want his murderer brought to justice ASAP, and the LAPD thinks they have the guy.

The wanted suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Eric Holder, street name, Shitty, who was last seen getting into his white Chevy Cruze after the shooting outside of Nipsey's store, The Marathon.  The car was driven away by an unidentified female:


In new surveillance footage (the closer-up video linked here as purely a way to provide more detials to help the shooter be found), the shooter is seen walking up to a group of three males outside The Marathon.  One person in a white hat is shot at close range, seemingly targeted, and it is believed that is Nipsey Hussle. The shooter then gets close to the victim, now on the ground, again, and appears to kick him near his head. Two other males who were shot are currently hospitalized.


The more credible of all the social media "reports" and rumors currently running rampant is this update from L.A Times investigative reporter Richard Winton. He says the suspect actually knew Nipsey personally, and while Holder is supposedly also gang affiliated, he wasn't a rival. So the motive may be a personal one.

Winton's details are in contrast to unconfirmed conspiracy theories that ran rampant on social media yesterday, which say Nipsey's work on a new Dr. Sebi documentary - about the herbalist who died mysteriously after he said he found a cure to many diseases - made him a target for the government.

Some social media commentary says this was not over gang beef as originally suspected, but this doesn't mean the suspect was not gang affiliated.

A few social media pages have popped up claiming to be Shitty/Eric Holder, one even proclaiming his innocence and referring to meeting with a lawyer.  Others said it's a fraudulent page because it was formerly the page of an "Instagram model" who changed the name to gain clout.

There's other unconfirmed rumors on social media stating that Holder and/or his family have been hurt or killed in retaliation this morning.  None of this has been confirmed or linked to any credible source.

LAPD provided more updates just moments ago via press conference:

Nipsey's close friends continue to pour out their hearts. Snoop Dogg just posted this:


Photo: Nipsey's Instagram

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