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Adorable New Family Portrait Of Blue Ivy, Sir & Rumi Carter Is Blowing Up On Social Media, And The Beyhive Is PISSED!

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Drop everything! We may have the first, clear face-showing pics of the Carter twins, Sir & Rumi


A family portrait that also features big sister Blue Ivy is currently taking over social media, and, if it's real, it's absolutely adorable. But the Beyhive is still big mad.

Beyoncé & Jay-Z are notorious for regulating their privacy and images of their children. Blue Ivy is much more often included in her parents' content.  But the twins have remained pretty obscure. While we have seen twins Sir & Rumi - who turn 2 this summer - out and about with their parents a couple times since they've been born, the pics are often shot from far away and not the clearest.

The power couple is likely fully aware that those images have been posted to various sites are are out in public. But it's a first for the masses to see a framed family portrait, such as this. If the pic is, in fact, a real one.

We can't even front, the twins stole all of Bey's genes and just like their big sis, they're absolutely adorable. 

The Hive is stinging the Twitter account who originally posted the pic.  They're demanding to know where she - the owner of the @713yonce account - got the pic and they're demanding anyone who posts it to take it down.  The pic does look to be framed in a private office or home hallway, and Bey herself has certainly never shared this.

Interestingly, the @713yonce account mysteriously vanished today after all the draggings commenced. Folks went in:





Photo: Splash

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