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'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' Star Mally Mall Snatched Up By Police On Video - Accused Of Sex Trafficking & Rape + Mally Claims He's Being Extorted

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Former "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Mally Mall has found himself in a sh*tstorm of trouble. Sex trafficking and rape allegations had the LAPD knocking at his door and it was caught on video. Get it all inside...


The drama hasn't stopped for Mally Mall since leaving "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." He's in trouble trouble.

Yesterday, the reality star had some unexpected guests pull up.  LAPD raided the Hip Hop producer's home in San Fernando Valley because he's being investigating for allegations of multiple sex assaults, human sex trafficking, and alleged importation of exotic animals. Yeah, dude has A LOT going on.

Watch police detain him below:


Sources spilled tea to TMZ about the investigation, revealing the raid by the LAPD SWAT team allegedly had everything to do with "multiple rapes and human sex trafficking, as well as firearms on the premises."  The source added they also believe, "he was illegally importing exotic species into California for people working in the entertainment industry."

Several women have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of Mally Mall. The site reports:

As for the alleged rapes and alleged human trafficking, sources involved in the investigation tell TMZ, a woman claimed back in January, Mally Mall flew her out from Texas after seeing her fitness videos on social media. She says she was staying at his home and he drugged and raped her and locked her in a room.

The woman claimed she stayed another day and had intercourse with him a second time because she felt she had to be "submissive." The following day she says she developed a rash and went to a hospital where a nurse called the cops after observing vaginal trauma.

Mally Mall denies these allegations and is accusing the woman of extortion. He said any sex acts they participated in were "consensual" and that he has voicemails and texts proving she was trying to squeeze money out of him.

It doesn't end there...

Three Nevada prostitutes have also accused Mally Mall of running a sex/human trafficking operation out of Las Vegas. They filed a civil suit against the producer.

The lawsuit was filed by 3 Nevada prostitutes, who are asking a judge to declare the State's prostitution law unconstitutional on grounds it violates the 13th Amendment which prohibits slavery.

The lawsuit was widely covered when it was filed several weeks ago, but buried in the documents are allegations against the famed record producer. One of the prostitutes who filed the case claims in 2006 she responded to an ad for a job posting by one of Mally Mall's employees.

She says she was trafficked across state lines and came to Vegas to work as a prostitute for the company.

The woman says Mally Mall used "methods of fraud" to entice women into working for him by saying the work was glamorous and they were like Playboy Bunnies and he was like Hugh Hefner. She says she was also "forced" to perform oral sex on him.

She says initially she was allowed to keep 30% of the money she earned but eventually she had to give up 100% to Mally. She says she was booked to travel to Chicago and Boston for sex, where she was only given a small allowance to cover food and hotels.

The woman goes on to say at the time, "Mally Mall was entering the music industry and he was recognized as a major pimp in the illegal sex trade in Las Vegas."

As for the exotic animals, it's alleged he has provided exotic pets for stars like Swae Lee.   Mall's own social media posts got him in trouble with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  Reportedly, 2 monkeys and a Serval cats were seized in Tuesday's raid.




This isn't the first time Mally Mall has had his home raided by police. In 2014, the FBI raided his home in Las Vegas as part of a federal human trafficking investigation. Sheesh.


Mally Mall was never arrested or taken into custody. He was detained while officers raided his home. His attorney, Steve Sadow, tells TMZ, "If they had real evidence they would have arrested him. They don't have evidence. It's bogus. Period."


Photo: Mally Mall's IG

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