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Ex-NBA Star Sebastian Telfair Had His Estranged Wife, Girlfriend AND Ex-Mistress Appear In Court For His Case, All Hell Broke Loose!

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Former NBA star Sebastian Telfair appeared in court on weapons and drug possession charges where his estranged wife, his new girlfriend and his ex-mistress. Needless to say, ish got crazy. More inside...

What in the faux sisterwives is going on?

Ex-NBA baller Sebastian Telfair - who was a big deal when he entered the league in 2004 - appeared in Brooklyn Supreme court yesterday on weapon and drug possession charges. And folks in attendance cut all the way up.

Having to appear in court on serious charges should trigger enough anxiety. Instead, the 33-year-old ex-Portland Trailblazer had to be feeling real crazy once he came face-to-face with all the witnesses called.

Telfair was in court for an incident that went down in June 2017. He and his girlfriend LaBella Chacon (first woman pictured below) were arrested by police after they were reportedly caught with a trunk full of contraband.



So, get this. His new girlfriend was there to support, however, his estranged wife - Samantha Telfair (woman pictured on the far right) - and his former mistress - Caterina Scotto (woman pictured in the middle) - appeared in court to testify AGAINST him. Chile...

His former mistress didn't mind spilling tea the prosecution needed to help build their criminal case against the NBA baller.

First, his ex-mistress said a friend of Telfair's was making her uncomfortable in court.

"There’s this lady that keeps mouthing things to me and it’s making me really uncomfortable," Scotto told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Hecht, the New York Post reports.

That woman, Patricia Ciccone, was called into the hallway for questioning, where she said she was just Telfair’s friend. Hecht allowed her to stay in the courtroom, but warned her to not communicate with the witnesses.

The ex-mistress - who explained she had an on/off relationship with the Brooklyn native who was married - then gave details on what she knew about Telfair's alleged criminal actions. She admitted to helping coordinate shipping Telfair's cars (one he was arrested in) from Florida to Brooklyn. She said revealed she rented storage units for him. The ex-mistress said she saw Telfair with a gun on multiple occasions, and claimed he would refer to firearms as “biscuits.”

According to the NY Post, she also confessed to taking a couple of his framed basketball jerseys from the onetime athlete’s unit before she allowed the company to auction his other memorabilia off.

“Did you ever sell any of that property for yourself?” his defense attorney Richard Southard asked Scotto.

“Why?” the 26-year-old said. “It’s not worth anything.”

Oop! And chick got hella shady after testifying. As she was leaving, she trashed Telfair's new girlfriend, telling the Daily Mail:

"Sebastian’s new girlfriend… I think he’s got many of them. She’s very ugly," Scotto said. "She does sexual favors for free music videos.'

Damn! She said she was NOT coming back to court the next day.

Telfair himself was cutting up as well - making facial expressions in the direction of his friend and the jury while his ex-wife was on the stand. The judge popped off on him for being distracting. He also exaggeratedly yawned as his estranged wife identified some of his firearms during her testimony, and he got called out for that as well.

“The defendant is turning to the audience and making facial expressions the jury can see,” the judge said, before telling Telfair to stop.

THIS guy...

The woman who made his ex-mistress feel "uncomfortable" in court was also reportedly heard laughing during his wife's testimony.

All they needed were cameras to capture it all. We're sure "Love & Hip Hop" creator Mona Scott Young would have loved to capture this and let it play out on reality television.

Last year, Telfair stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" (rocking a Roc-A-Fella chain) where he talked about losing endorsement deals over his past criminal cases (he was arrested on a gun charge in 2007), his relationship with Jay Z, starting a rap career, and more. Check it below:

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