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Janelle Monae At Coachella - 'Shoutout To Beyoncé For Opening Doors For Women Like Me,' Goes Topless For 'THEM'

Janelle Monae gave Beyoncé a shoutout during her last Coachella performance. Peep clips of the Dirty Computer rocking out on stage, plus her topless flicks for THEM magazine inside...


Janelle Monae served up an electrifying performance for Weekend 1 & 2 of Coachella ' 19, bringing her eclectic style and retro-futuristic tunes to the main stage.

For her final performance at the popular music and arts festival, the Dirty Computer gave a personal shoutout to Beyoncé, following the release of her "Homecoming" documentary on Netflix that featured Bey's Coachella debut performance. Mrs. Carter became the first black woman to headline Coachella in the festival's history.

Before performing her last song, Janelle raised her finger up in the air to salue Queen Bey.

"Another thing!," she yelled out to the audience. "Shout out to Beyoncé. She opened up so many doors for women like me," she explained.

Then, the Electric Lady popped off about Trump.

"Another thing! Impeach Trump," she said as the crowd erupted in applause and cheers.

Peep the clip below:



Peep clips from Janelle's Weekend 2 performance below: 

During Weekend 1, the Pynk singer and musical artist Lizzo - who released her debut album last week - had a whole twerk-off on stage: 




Get it!

Speaking of Lizzo....


THEM magazine tapped Janelle Monae to cover their newest issue, and chick served up perfection...topless. The magazine rounded up Lizzo to interview Janelle for the LGBTQIA+-focused imprint.

“The beauty of art is that it reveals itself over time, even to the artists who create it,” Monae told Lizzo during the interview.

Janelle Monae - who's currently dating actress Tessa Thompson - opened up about her musical journey and how she likes to challenge herself to grow for each new project.

“With ArchAndroid, I knew what I wanted the content to be, and I used the tools that I knew how to use at that time to create it,” Monae explained. “In my projects, I always challenge myself to grow and learn my voice and how to stretch beyond what I can comfortably do. ... So as I grow and as I’m taking in information and growing at this exponential rate, I try my best to create music and albums that support that, that allow me to completely be all of me.

“With Dirty Computer, I made a bigger declaration to myself — that I’m not putting out an album if I can’t be all of me. You’re gonna take the blackness, you’re gonna take the fact that I love science fiction. You’re gonna take the fact that I am a free ass motherfucker. You’re gonna take that all in and because that is what you’re gonna get.”



Monae also opened up about being a black, queer woman in America and how the industry still hasn't caught up when it comes to the LGBTQIA+- community.

"To be young, queer, and black in America means that you can be misunderstood. You can be hated. It also means that you can be celebrated and loved. And I think there’s a lot at stake when you’re living out loud in that way. One thing I’ve realized even more was that when you walk in your truth, you can inspire and encourage people to walk in theirs. ...

" I think the entertainment industry has not caught up. We’re making some waves, but we can do better. And again, it’s about normalizing and telling more stories, and inviting more LGBTQIA+ folks into the conversation on the front end, and giving us a seat at the table early on. Because we can’t afford to see things in a binary way. That’s not how the world works."

Either way, Janelle Monae is living out loud and she wants everyone else to do so as well.

Photos: Getty/Splash





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