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Bad Bunny Vigilante Says He Instantly Jumped Into Action When He Saw A Black Woman Being Assaulted, Media Digs Up His Criminal Past

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A video of an Easter bunny beating the breaks off a man who was physically assaulting a black woman has gone viral. Now, he's speaking out.

Listen, we stan a man who jumps in to rescue a black woman who's being assaulted, instead of only standing around gawking, laughing or filming. Even more so when a white man is attacking a black woman out in these streets.

A video of an Easter bunny beating down a man in the streets of Orlando has gone viral. Now, the man inside the costume is speaking out.

Check out the viral clip:


The bunny vigilante - real name Antoine McDonald - chopped it up with TMZ about how he got involved in the fight that has gone viral. He said he was bar hopping with his cousin and his girlfriend - dressed in the bunny suit - when he saw a white man spit on a black woman outside the Underground Public House bar in downtown Orlando.

"I just ran over there," he explained. "Like, I didn't have time to ask anyone to unzip me from the suit, none of that. I didn't even check for cars. I just ran across the street."

Once he made it across the street, he said he was just trying to break the fight up. Apparently, the aggressor got on top of the woman and that's when McDondald got mad and started punching the atta to get him off the woman.

People have been sounding off on social media about how other grown a** men stood there and recorded versus trying to help the woman.

The highlight of the clip is at the end when he starts shadowing boxing as if he's Rocky Balboa.

Peep his interview below:


Now, here we have this black man doing a good deed and what does white media do? They dig up his criminal past.

The Tampa Bay Times reported on McDonald copping some criminal charges in the past for burglary, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, amongst other charges. There's also a warrant out for his arrest:

In September 2018, police in South Brunswick, N.J., said McDonald and an accomplice were caught on surveillance cameras breaking into, and burglarizing, a car. The township’s police charged McDonald in the crime and issued a warrant for his arrest, but said they believed he fled the state. Police in New Jersey said McDonald burglarized two cars claiming the owners owed him money, but were unable to connect him to the owners.

We'd be remiss in not mentioning the fact it was dug up and published publicly already.  But we're not going to harp on it since his act of helping has nothing to do with his past charges.

They love to drag a black man at inopportune times in certain media don't they? While we don't condone robberies and harassment, he's still a hero for stepping in to help a woman when no one else would.

Photo: @badbunnyof19

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