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POST-RHOA REUNION DRAMA: Marlo Hampton Claims Shamari DeVoe Is Now 'Peach-LESS,' Says Kenya Moore Wants To Return

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After the last part of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion aired, Marlo Hampton hopped on social media to spill some tea about Shamari DeVoe losing her peach. She also dishes on Kenya Moore making a return. Get it all inside...

Now that Season 11 of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has wrapped up, friend to the show Marlo Hampton is spilling tea about changes that have possibly been made for next season.

Marlo jumped on Instagram Live to give commentary about Part 3 of the "RHOA" reunion and she claims newbie Shamari DeVoe got her peach snatched. Oh?

And she was hella shady with it.

"First off, Shamari. Hey! Shoulder lean [dances]. Shamari! Come on now, you're peach-less," Marlo said. "You really still up here tweeting tonight? Peach-less Shamari still tweeting, but hey girl. Stay a fan. Be sweet now since you're peach-less now. They'll give you a peach and steal it right back from you, won't they?


Check it:


Here's the tweet Marlo was referring to:


Throughout the entire season, these two have been going back and forth. Marlo would come after Shamari for drinking entirely too much. Shamari would come at Marlo about her alleged scammery and mugshot-ery.

During her IG Live, Marlo explained she would comment on Shamari's drinking habits because her mother was an alcoholic and it triggered her.

Of course, BRAVO hasn't announced who has a peach and who doesn't. For all we know, Marlo could have just been shading Shamari like she has been doing all season. Also, there have been rumors swirling that Shamari's peach was snatched, so she could be just repeating what she has read on these Internet streets. Word on the curb is that Shamari will be invited back as a "friend of the show," the same title Marlo holds.

Shamari caught wind of Marlo's shade on social media, so she popped back. However, she didn't confirm or deny the rumors about her peach getting snatched:


During Marlo's live, she also addressed former "RHOA" star Kenya Moore, who made a cameo during the season when she was good and pregnant. In fact, her appearance seemingly ended NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey's friendship. NeNe got pissed at Cynthia for inviting Kenya to one of her events after NeNe and Kenya had a blow out on social media.

Marlo said Kenya is strategically using social media to stir up drama with NeNe so that producers will bring her back on the show. Def not too far fetched.

Peep the clip below:


Sounds like something any of them would do, TBH. Maybe she is trying to come back. She's married and had a baby, so she has plenty of material for a storyline.

It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

If Shamari lost her peach, would you be mad about it? Or, is she not interesting enough for you to care?


Photos: Shamari's IG/Marlo's IG

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