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DOUBLE YUM: 'Intruders' Meagan Good & Michael Ealy Serve Clark Atlanta Students From A Food Truck!

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 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversityVV-gpnvcW5Wl.jpg

Meagan Good and Michael Ealy invaded Atlanta with a food truck and hosted a screening for their new thriller, The Intruder. See the flicks inside...

Hollywood stars Meagan Good and Michael Ealy are heavy on the promo trail for their brand new thriller, The Intruder. And they're popping up in different locations doing conventional promo events.

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversityFZC8OI33NDUl.jpg

The dynamic duo, along with Intruder director Deon Taylor, got decked out in Clark Atlanta University gear to feed students in Atlanta. As students made their way to class, Meagan, Michael and Deon served up goodies from a food truck and snapped selfies:

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversityNqVFfNaf-ZBl.jpg





After feeding the students...

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversityEvyewlY6V3zl.jpg

The cast sat on a panel at Clark Atlanta University to chop it up about their new thriller.

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversityzW2xo82eD_Rl.jpg

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversityhf7PSbMj_bRl.jpg

Deon Taylor's The Intruder stars Megan and Michael as a young married couple who purchase their dream home. But ish goes left when the seller (Dennis Quiad) becomes strangely-attached to them and the home.

After chatting about the film...

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversitygpv56rb4aLol.jpg

 photo IntruderInvadesClarkAtlantaUniversity_BbY5YeZLQKl.jpg

They turned up with the students and snapped more flicks.

At another event in the "A"...

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelsSmb3-oIMuAl.jpg

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelLVbgHPJkiWYl.jpg

The on-screen couple hosted a screening at Regal Atlantic Station.

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelZTmEuuNBgYtl.jpg

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaeleokwOT2Au-vl.jpg

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelIKTSOgOLZQyl.jpg

"Sister Circle" co-hosts Trina Braxton and Rashan Ali came out to see the film.

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelsaV10xovAwAl.jpg

TLC's Chilli and her son Tron Austin, who's in college, were in the mix.

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelezZXAPzJ4Yul.jpg

Comedian Lil Duval was all smiles on the red carpet.

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelc75PJcMgo05l.jpg

Oh, hey T.C. Carson!

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaelwjPWrJeGh2Fl.jpg


 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaeltOcmLHojLcrl.jpg

The turn up was real. Looks like everyone had loads of fun.

 photo IntruderAtlantaRedCarpetScreeningMichaely_jPc92nAT0l.jpg

If you haven't already, peep The Intruder trailer below: 

This morning...

Michael Ealy stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" to dish on his role in the independent film. He said he enjoys playing villians in movies now because they're limitless at what they can do. He also said after he wrapped up filming The Perfect Guy, he had to go to Cabo by himself for a few days (away from his wife and kids) to get that sociopath "spirit" out of him. Peep his interview above.

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