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QUEENS RECOGNIZE QUEENS! Lil Kim, Mary J. Blige Turn Up With Stylist Misa Hylton At 'The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion' Doc Premiere

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionze-DFJWCdN8l.jpg

Lil Kim and Mary J. Blige stepped out to celebrate with stylist Misa Hylton during the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. Get into their women empowerment session and more inside...


 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion7AKRG-TbbfHl.jpg

Celebrity stylist Misa Hylton was celebrated as a visionary who helped mesh Hip Hop and fashion during its humble beginnings.

Luxury lifestyle goods and accessories brand, MCM, hosted the world premiere of "The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion" documentary at Tribeca Film Festival in NYC recently.

The film traces the origins of fearless, full-color Hip Hop style and explores the women and male allies who have transformed fashion through Hip Hop, according to the press release. From the Bronx to the runways of Paris, the film leads with the journey of renowned fashion architect and new Global Creative Partner at MCM, Misa Hylton, as one of the first stylists to meld streetwear with haute couture. The film delves into Hylton's most recognized fashion looks with her muses including Lil' Kim, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott. Furthermore, the documentary reveals the global cultural impact influenced by the fashion world with iconic fashion trends and styles from female designers and stylists working behind the scenes.

We want to see this!

"I wanted to be involved in The Remix because it's a woman's story. They wanted to show the powerful part that women have played in the intersection of style and music, specifically hip-hop," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "Because you always hear the boys' stories and all the men who've contributed. But for me to get an opportunity to share my story was really dope."

Everyone rolled through in their hottest MCM ensembles for the celebration, including the lady of the hour. Misa rocked custom MCM which she paired with Malone Soulier heels.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionr57wNDt5r6Rl.jpg

Fashion designer Dapper Dan came out to show support, posing it up alongside Misa and her daughter Madison Star, also decked out in MCM.


 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionRexz2Z0Qklel.jpg

All of Misa's children were there to show love, including her sons Justin Combs and Niko Brim. They also rocked MCM 'fits. 


 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion1PLwJLaRL7al.jpg

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionVSF6obuz6hXl.jpg

Singer Mary J. Blige was in full glamazon mode whens he rolled up on the red carpet in her leather MCM x Misa Hylton ensemble and thigh high leather boots. HOT!

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionJmzFUoxMJVGl.jpg

Rapper Lil Kim served up a fun look with her powder pink Teddy Bear bag. She posed it up in this pink-and-black MCM x Misa Hylton look before hitting the stage.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionL7j0oYWVEV0l.jpg

Wakanda BAE Winston Duke was in the mix. 2019 has kicked off to an epic start for the actor as he starred in US and Avengers: Endgame. Both movies did incredible numbers at the box office.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionk4_WyKa8YMHl.jpg

Rap star Rapsody kept it comfortably cute in MCM.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionDAKyHH2M--Sl.jpg

Oh, hey girl! Total singer Keisha Epps turned heads in a neon ensemble paired with a sparkly MCM bag with tassels.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion7ohBvcncZesl.jpg

Cardi B's sister Hennessy posed it up in an MCM outfit with MCM accessories.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion4PHTeVSlvyTl.jpg

TV personality Bevy Smith was laced in a lavender ruffeled midi dress with printed pumps.


 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion9Yqw4Y8hfmYl.jpg

Misa hit the podium to thank everyone for the outpouring of love. Then, it was time for the turn up:

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion4zf2zRIR97dl.jpg

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionvNAooPWTHFhl.jpg

Lil Kim had everyone on their feet as she ran through a medley of her hits.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashion63QNjYTDodHl.jpg

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionr3jfHSWArJjl.jpg

Mother-son love. Aww!

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionMmKWHCKobWul.jpg

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionguZFVePEBldl.jpg

Diddy's son linked up with his mom's friends Kim & Mary during the party.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashiona97SgbU9YrZl.jpg

We see you, Winston.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionQV58354Kq86l.jpg

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionAokqAkDl01ml.jpg

Author Mashonda Tifrere posed it up in a leopard print Veronica Beard dress.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionBslc_nHf7fIl.jpg

DJ Beverly Bond was on the 1s & 2s.

 photo MCMHostsPremiereRemixHipHopxFashionhH1q8zMoN9Hl.jpg






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