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Russell Wilson Serves Up Quality & Purpose With His 'Good Man Brand,' Shares His Favorite Ciara Track & Talks The Dirty 30

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Russell Wilson dishes on his Good Man Brand clothing line, which song he loves most by his wife Ciara and joining the Dirty 30 club. Get the highlights inside...

It's off-season for the NFL, so Russell Wilson has some extra time to put more of his attention to his other projects outside of the game.

The Super Bowl winning quarterback - who is the highest paid player in the NFL - expanded his empire when he launched his Good Man Brand clothing collection in 2016. Since then, he and his team of designers have come up with timeless pieces for all of the "good men" in the world who also want to look the part.



When you think of fashion, honestly, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback isn't the first person you think of. But, he's putting a change to that. At least, when it comes to modern, classic fashions for men.

The NFL star - who turned 30 in November - chopped it up with GQ about the meaning of his line, how he got into fashion, his favorite track by his wife Ciara, and being the "old man" in the locker room.

Highlights below:

GQ: What’s the idea behind Good Man Brand?

Russell Wilson: We wanted to create a modern, classic, fashionable brand that’s aspirational. We make amazing clothes with great fabrics, but ultimately, we’re trying to inspire a generation. What does a good man do? I think about my dad. I looked up to him because he was dedicated, he worked extremely hard, he served and gave back. So anytime anybody buys a jacket, a pair of pants, or whatever it may be, we donate three percent of those proceeds to the Why Not You Foundation. [Ed. note: Why Not You provides financial backing to institutions that “empower change in the world, one individual and one child at a time.”]

We’re on fire right now, honestly. In the fashion world, we’re just growing and growing and growing. I always tell people, once you put a pair of Good Man Brand pants on, you’ll never want to put another pair of pants on. They’re so comfortable.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

There are two things I’ve always loved: One is the interior and exterior of houses, because I grew up without much at all, so I’d always go house shopping with my mom and my dad in Virginia. Back then you could just walk into houses, and I’d give a thumbs up or thumbs down.

The other thing that I grew to love was fashion. When we thought about creating Good Man Brand, the reality was that at the time I was single. I was thinking, If I’m on a date, what do I want to wear? For men, whether it’s a job interview or a date with a woman who’s way out of your league—like if you’re going on a date with Ciara—it’s tough to figure out what to wear. It’s easy to have three-point range game, like the suit and tie, a nice blazer, and a white shirt. And then you have the layup line look—wearing Nikes to the mall. But that mid-range game is the key. That’s where you win. You want to dress to impress but also be relaxed and feel confident.

Transitioning to Ciara’s new album: What’s your favorite song on Beauty Marks?

That’s a good question. There are a few: Obviously, “Beauty Marks,” and then “Thinking About You,” plus “I Love Myself” with her and Macklemore.

Okay, what about your all-time favorite Ciara song? I really do like “Beauty Marks,” just because of the meaning behind it, and how her heart is in that song. And then “Ride” is a great song, definitely one of my favorites.

You’re only 30, but are you comparatively the “old guy” now that you’ve been on the same team for almost eight seasons?

I wouldn’t say “old guy,” but definitely as I’ve just turned 30, I feel like I’m a vet in the beginning of my prime. There’s a responsibility for me to make sure our team is playing at the highest level. I’m excited about that.

You’re the highest-paid player in the NFL now. I need you to not be humble here: Do you believe, by virtue of that contract, that you’re the best player in the NFL?

Ha. I want to be the best player the next Sunday that I have, and that’s all I know. That’s the thing about this game—you have to work for everything and earn everything. I’ve been fortunate to be where I am today, and I want to be the best in the world at this game.


Whew.  This man can do no wrong.  You can read his full profile here.

Photos: Backgrid/Good Man Brand

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