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Suspected Serial Scammer Arrested After Swindling $80K From Women He Met Via Dating Apps

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A man who swindled a woman out of $80,000 has been arrested. Deets on how he has been scamming women he met on dating apps inside...

Ladies, beware! These men are out here scamming women on dating websites and if you're not careful, they'll walk away with a bag.

A 34-year-old man named John Hill has been arrested after being accused of scamming a woman he met on Match.com out of $80,000. Not only that, he's also being accused of committing similar crimes in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. This guy...

Cops apprehended him Tuesday night (May 21st) in Tennessee and you'll never guess what this dude did. He tried to hide under a table in a hotel conference room! Bruh. Obviously, it didn't work and he was arrested.

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He was arrested on an outstanding warrant for theft by deception, which is a felony,

So here's how Hill swindled one woman out of $80K. They started chatting it up on Match.com on March 27th and decided to meet that same day. Apparently, he told her he was a millionaire and convinced her he was already in love with her during a short period of time. Red flag #1 & #2.

Within a few weeks of knowing each other, they decided to get married and went house hunting in Georgia. The woman, who lives in Alpharetta, reportedly gave Hill more than $80,000 to put towards the purchase of the home and to buy furniture. Now sis, if he told you he's a millionaire why on earth are you giving HIM money?

“The woman said she is in a relationship with the suspect. However, she didn’t know what his profession was,” Gwinnett Cpl. Michele Pihera told WSB. “Also, she said he was only home on weekends. During the week, she didn’t know where he went.”

After she handed over the money, Hill, who cops say have changed his name at least five times over the past few years, went ghost on her. She eventually found out he lived in Duluth with another woman and a child. Bruh!

He's currently being held as a “fugitive from justice” on $500,000 bond in the Williamson County Jail in Tennessee. Authorities are working out the details of his extradition.



Photos: Gwinnett County Police

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