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SALTY MUCH? Steve Harvey Supposedly Iced Out Daytime Talk Show Staff After Cancellation

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Steve Harvey is being accused kicking his daytime talk show staffers to the curb after the show was canceled by NBC. Find out what Steve allegedly did inside...

Steve Harvey is pissed his daytime talk show has been canceled after seven seasons. And he's so mad, he's allegedly taking it out on the production staff.

Earlier this year, we told you the comedian/TV host/radio personality said he was blindsided when NBC announced that his show would be replaced by Kelly Clarkson's new syndicated series, "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in Fall 2019.

Since then, no networks have picked up Steve's show, so it's lights out. The show is over and he's set to let his entire staff go.

Last Thursday, Steve Harvey filmed the final episode of his syndicated talk show. New episodes will air through June and reruns will air through September. According to RadarOnline, Steve is already over it all and is not returning any of his former staff's phone calls or emails. Damn, it's like that?

In the podcast, “Straight Shuter: Naughty But Nice,” gossip columnist Rob Shuter shared details about Steve's alleged uber cold exit from the show via a source close to the show.

“Steve is the King of being not grateful. He filmed his last show on Thursday and by Friday he had already moved on,” the source said.

“Steve didn’t know many of his staff’s names, so he didn’t have many to forget,” said the insider. “The few staff who have his email and contact number have already been deleted and the one or two farewell notes he received were not returned.”


Additional sources told Radar the reason Steve's show got canceled is because "he was too cheap to hire any real talent."

“After a show gets cancelled its usual for the host to take the crew and producers out to say thank you and goodbye. However, with Steve it’s out-of-site, out-of-mind. He will be blaming them for getting bumped,” said the source.

Also, a battle between NBCUniversal and Endeavor’s IMG Original Content over IMG’s takeover of the show two seasons ago could also be a in factor as to why the show got the axe.

Variety reports:

After his initial five-year deal with Endemol ended, Harvey in 2016 opted to cut a deal with IMG Original Content to produce a new version of the show, renamed “Steve,” that relocated to Los Angeles starting with season six in fall 2017.

IMG offered Harvey a much larger ownership stake in the show, a higher salary and more creative control over the production. The deal commanded attention in the industry because IMG is a corporate sibling of WME, which represents Harvey, raising the specter of conflict of interest as IMG became Harvey’s production partner.

NBCUniversal executives were furious at losing their stake in Harvey’s show after the transition to IMG, even though it remained the distributor of “Steve.”

It was no surprise when NBC moved to develop a high-profile new show to replace “Steve.”



There's more bad news for Steve Harvey. NBC is also replacing him with Melissa McCarthy as host of “Little Big Shots!”

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