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50 Cent & Nikki Nicole's Date Night Gets Ruined After Altercation With Aspiring Artist + The Guy Pops Back!

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50 Cent and Nikki Nicole's date night was interrupted after a fan rolled up on Fif desperate to have him check out his music. More inside...

After kiki'n it up in the strip club a few months ago, 50 Cent and former "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" star/Phor's ex-girlfriend Nikki Nicole are still keeping each other company.

The potential couple stepped out for a date night at the movies this week. However, it wasn't the romantic evening they were expecting. Fif was approached by an aspiring artist, named NFL Dume, who was "seeking advice" for his music career.  We couldn't tell if this was a total stunt or not, and Nikki couldn't either it seems.

Fif and NFL Dume went back and forth as Nikki looked on. Ish almost went left when the "Power" producer refused to look at the man's Instagram page. Apparently, he felt disrespected, so he challenged the rapper to fight. Next thing you know, they're both getting into a fighting stance.

“You gonna hit me cause I’m telling you I got talent?” NFL Dume said to Fif. "Is that how you feel? That’s f**ked up. Look at my IG, at least.”

“Are you crazy, though?” 50 responded. “Your s**t is not gonna work. You are stupid. The way you are approaching it is wrong … There is nothing to play right now … There is nothing you can show me right now that is gonna help you.”

We can't believe we're saying this, but Fif is right. Walking up on someone like that while they are trying to enjoy their privacy is wrong.

Peep the exchange below:


After the altercation, NFL Dume hopped on IG to respond to Fif, basically letting him know he's never scared:


Hey, he got what he wanted - attention.

As for Fif and Nikki...

Back in January, the 43-year-old rapper and the 25-year-old weavologist were all cozied up together in the VIP section at an Atlanta strip club. After Nikki called it quits with co-star Phor, she moved from Chicago to Atlanta.

The "Power" star made sure to flex hard while they were partying it up, dropping $30,000 on the strippers. He walked in with a box of money, sat it down, then kissed and hugged Nikki - who was wearing a stripped pantsuit. Oh? Watch it above.

Well alright....

This week on the season premiere of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago," Charmaine asked Phor how he felt about seeing his ex with 50 Cent. He claims he didn't see the video of her with him, but he said it is what it is. She moved on and that's that.



The rapper has seemingly brushed up on his weave game. What does he know about that 613 blonde?! Peep the clip above.

Photos: Getty/Nikki's IG

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