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Beyoncé Surprises Friend & Director Melina Matsoukas At AFI, Just After Her Publicist & Warriors Owner's Wife Nicole Curran Respond To The Beyhive

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Beyoncé responded to the Beyhive yesterday, via her publicist, about all the drama stirred up surrounding her and the wife of the Warrior's owner, Nicole Curran.  Then she headed to the AFI Awards to surprise her good friend.  Get it all inside.

When you're being honored by the American Film Institute, it's only right the person who presents you your award is the superstar who took a chance on you.  Bey's friend and director of many of her videos, Melina Matsoukas, got a sweet shock last night at the AFI Awards. 

Melina was being honored for her amazing work with music, tv shows like "Insecure" and more.  She also is the genius behind Bey's videos for “Upgrade U,” “Diva,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Why Don’t You Love Me,” “Move Your Body,” “RUN,” and “Formation."

So the Queen tributed another queen during a heartfelt speech.  Beyonce said on stage:

"After over a decade of collaborating with Melina we’ve become family.  In 2005, she managed to shoot five videos with me in three days, creating beautiful imagery with little to no budget. We’ve come a long ways since those days."

"[Melina] is holding up a mirror for people who look like you and me to see ourselves, saying, 'You are beautiful, and your stories matter,'" she added. "She is fearless, no matter the challenges, and believes in breaking stereotypes in the industry, hiring marginalized creators, especially women. As a woman of color, conformity is not her thing. She stays authentic to her roots and femininity in an industry dominated by men. Her drive, vision, taste level, and storytelling is boldly unapologetic."

Sweet!  Melina even got a super rare IG caption out of Bey:


Melina responded saying:

I love you sis. So overwhelmed by this gesture. You have taught me so much and continue to create opportunities for US. I am not the same voice, creator, filmmaker without you.


Also last night, Bey's publicist Yvette Noel Schure took to social media to address the Beyhive after the out-of-control fallout from the Warriors game


After fans apparently started sending death threats to Nicole (Curran) Lacob, the wife of the Warriors owner Joe Lacob, an emotional Nicole had to shut down all her social media accounts.  She also spoke to ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne about what REALLY happened during that exchange that pissed off the Beyhive.  Apparently, Nicole got dragged over asking for a drink order:


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Nicole - who is clearly a fan and posted herself at The Carters concert during OTRII - also posted (and deleted) a pic of her and Beyoncé together courtside, with this caption:

“We should all help and support each other”

Listen, while we like to be tongue-in-cheek and play around with what we THINK Beyoncé is saying or feeling in clips and photos we see, it's just that. Sending whole death threats over something you're not 100% sure about, or at all, aint the move.

With that said, we still think she looked uncomfortable AF, regardless of what Nicole was or was not asking.  Joking about that fact is one thing.  But we're not about to hunt the lady down and drag her by her gold sequins boots or anything just to say it.

Even Stephanie Mills got in on the drama:


Well, that was unexpected. Tank chimed in to seemingly check the legend though:

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Anyway, the Warriors take on the Raptors again tonight in Oakland.  Everybody behave, please.


Photo: Beyoncé's Instagram

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