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Naturi Naughton Splits From Daughter's Father + Is She Now Dating Her Former On-Screen Lover Sinqua Walls?

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Naturi Naughton confirms she has called it quits with her daughter's father/longtime boyfriend, Ben. Is she seeing her former on-screen "Power" lover Sinqua Walls? See the receipts and tell us what you think inside...


Naturi Naughton had her love life planned out in her head, but life after a baby seemingly took a toll on her relationship with her daughter's father, Ben. Marriage was on the table, they had their baby, but something happened and they decided they just weren't meant to be together forever, so life took a different turn.

Months after Baby Zuri was born, the "Power" star and her man called it quits.

“I don’t want to be married if it’s not the right marriage and the right person," the actress spilled to ESSENCE.

“A lot of people think that marriage is the quintessential success, but it’s not if the marriage is not grounded in the right foundation. I went through a lot of feelings of inadequacy about why did my life not turn out to be the perfect picture story, but that’s just not what was written for me.”

Airing out her frustrations on wax, the 35-year-old Jersey native penned a forthcoming song about the break-up titled, "Stay Too Long."

“The song is literally about my story,” she revealed. “One of the lyrics is, ‘Three months after the baby was born, your love for me was gone. How could you flip the script on me?…Love makes you foolish and stay way too long.’ And the chorus is literally how we don’t see the signs. We don’t accept that this is not the right thing. We want to be in something so much that we stay in something that’s not good for us.”

Regardless of the break up, Naturi said she and Ben are focused on a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their adorable daughter, Zuri.

“God gave me a beautiful child, and her father is great and still in her life, and we’re co-parenting. That’s a blessing in itself,” she said.

Before she officially announced she called it quits with Ben...

...we noticed Naturi and her former "Power" co-star Sinqua Walls had been extra flirty on Instagram. She'll post cute pictures of them together and he'll hop in the comments with lovey dovey emojis. And she would do the same. Some of her captions and his responses had us on alert. Now that we know she's no longer in a relationship with Ben, we wonder if the two "Power" stars are taking their on-screen love into real life.

Peep some of their exchanges below:


If they are a couple, we're so NOT mad at this. 


Photos: Naturi's IG/Sinqua's IG/Ben's IG


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