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Oop! Bill Cosby's 'Happy Father's Day' Post Wasn't Received Well, Reportedly Gave Fatherhood Lessons In Prison

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Bill Cosby posted a Happy Father's Day message from prison, but he did not get the reception he likely was expecting. See his message, plus deets on him reportedly serving up fatherhood lessons in prison inside...

Now sir....

Bill Cosby decided to send out a Happy Father's Day message to all the fathers out there. But, it didn't go over well on social media.

As we all know, the "Cosby" creator is currently serving time in federal prison after he was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia home in 2004. This year, he decided he would send a Father's Day message via social media to the masses.

"Hey, Hey, Hey...It’s America’s Dad...I know it’s late, but to all of the Dads... It’s an honor to be called a Father," the post reads, "so let’s make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose — strengthening our families and communities," Cosby wrote alongside a throwback video of him talking about slavery and racism.

Check it:



It didn't take long before folks started sounding off:











Welp, folks still aren't here for America's FORMER Dad.

What's even more interesting is that Mr. Cosby is reportedly teaching fatherhood lessons to the other inmates at SCI Phoenix, the maximum security prison about 20 miles from Philadelphia.

Over the last three months, Cosby has been working with a group called "Man Up." The program was created to help inmates set for parole to receive life lessons that will help them adjust into society. It's reported Cosby gives four lectures a week to about 100 inmates. In the classes, he lectures the men to "lead by example," gives them tips on how to stay clean and interviewing techniques.

“Mr. Cosby, roughly three months ago, had been requested by a number of inmates to come and speak at some of their support groups, and he debated about it and decided to take them up on their offer,” Cosby's lawyer Andrew Wyatt told USA Today. “One group that he consistently speaks to is a group called ‘Man Up.’ These are guys that are going to be paroled in a few months, and he is talking to these guys because a lot of them have been in prison… and they are afraid of going back to (their) communities. “They viewed him as their father figure. To them, he is America’s dad,” Wyatt added.

Very interesting, to say the least. His lawyer also said Cosby has lost weight and looks "amazing."

Photo: Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com

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