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Several More Tourists Have Died Or Gotten Severely Sick AT Dominican Repiblic Resorts, But Steve Harvey Is Still Set To Host Event At One Of Them

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Steve Harvey is receiving backlash over a hosting event that's scheduled to go down in the Dominican Republic amid all the news about tourists unexpectedly dying there. More inside...

Steve Harvey - one of Hollywood's most hardest working acts - is catching heat over a hosting gig set to go down in the Dominican Republic.

The "Family Feud" host is reportedly set to host the third annual Soul & Sand Festival, which scheduled for October 10-14th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana.

Recently, there have been numerous reports about tourists DYING in the D.R. It's reported that nine people have died at D.R. resorts in the past 12 months, including two people who died at the same resort Steve is set to host at in a few months. Eight people have died at D.R. resorts just this year alone.

A California man - 67-year-old Bell Wallace - reportedly died on April 14th after he became ill after drinking a scotch from his room’s minibar. Last July, 45-year-old Maryland native David Harrison died at the resort from a reported heart attack and pulmonary edema.

Also in April, a group from Oklahoma became violently ill, suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, and other pretty serious ailments. They were staying at the Hotel Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana and they were there to attend a Jimmy Buffett concert. It's unclear what made the group sick, however, a member of the group Dana Flowers told PEOPLE:

Flowers says the group initially chalked the mystery ailment up to food poisoning, but their symptoms began to worsen. Flowers, who was among those affected by the illness, claims he lost 14 pounds over the course of 19 days. “It was some of the worst sick I’ve ever been, and I don’t normally ever get sick,” he says.

Flowers claims that everyone who grew ill in his group either swam in one specific pool or drank at the swim-up bar. When members of the group sought treatment from the on-site doctor, Flowers claims, ”Most of them got an IV, then were prescribed a medicine for parasites. [They] didn’t do any testing, they just automatically gave them medicine for parasites.”


On May 30th, a Maryland couple - 63-year-old Edward Nathaniel Holmes and 49-year-old Cynthia Ann Day from Prince George County - were found dead inside their hotel room at the Playa Nueva Romana resort in San Pedro de Macorís. Officials claim they both died from respiratory failure.

Just a few days ago, a State Department official confirmed the death of another American tourist in the Dominican Republic last week. 55-year-old Joseph Allen of Avenel, NJ was found dead in his hotel room at Terra Linda in Sosua on the morning of June 13th, his sister confirmed to ABC. Friens said Allen complained about being hot while at the pool and then said he was going to his room to take a shower. He still wasn't feeling well, so he went to lay down for the night. The next morning, Allen's friends went to check on him and they found him dead on the floor.

This is insane and also very scary. Steve Harvey hasn't addressed the gig and his reps said they wouldn't address if the situation has impacted ticket sales, but now that folks are talking about his event in the D.R., we wouldn't be surprised if he backs out.


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