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PLOT TWIST! Everything We Know About David 'Big Papi' Ortiz's Dominican Republic Shooting Drama & The Youtube Blogger Woman In The Middle

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Newly released details about the shooting of baseball legend David "Big Papi" Ortiz in the Dominican Repbulic have just come out. And there's an insane plot twist. Everything we know so far inside...

Baseball legend David "Big Papi" Ortiz was shot while hanging out with friends - including local TV host Jhoel Lopez (below) - on a crowded patio at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Dominigo on the night of June 9th.


A gunman pulled up on a motorcycle and fired off shots, shooting the Boston Red Sox legend in the back. Lopez was hit in the leg, possibly by the same bullet that exited Ortiz's body through his stomach. It was initially described as a murder-for- hire plot against him.

Earlier reports said police in the Dominican Republic believed Ortiz was shot by two cops hired by a Dominican Republic drug lord who thought the baseball player was having an affair with his significant other, a Dominican model/Youtube blogger named Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia.


Interestingly, Maria was seen in David's waiting room at the hospital right after the shooting, and a woman alleged to be her was caught on video fighting another woman - whom People Espanol claims is Fary Almanzar Fernandez - and Big Papi's entourage before being thrown to the floor.


What in the telenovela?!

While Maria - who interestingly made a new Instagram page 2 days after the shooting - supposedly denies any involvement with David, alleged receipts surfaced showing an $85K Lexus RX purchased allegedly by David Ortiz for Maria.  The purchase was made just days before the shooting.

David's agent, Alex Radetsky, doesn't confirm or deny the receipts. Daily Mail reports:


Radetsky also declined to address a set of images circulating widely in the Dominican media that appear to show that Ortiz bought Garcia a luxury SUV the day before the shooting.

The documents include a June 8 sales agreement for a Lexus RX that lists Garcia as the owner of the new car. A bank check made out by David Americo Ortiz Arias, the ex-player's full name, shows a Bank of America check for $84,500.

Chick has even posted David recently on her Instagram wishing him well:


Shady business.


Now, there's a plot twist!

The Dominican Republic’s chief prosecutor now claims Big Papi was NOT the intended target of the June 9th shooting. He was merely a victim of a hit gone terribly wrong. Come to find out, the intended target was Ortiz's friend, Sixto David Fernandez, a friend who was at the table with him the night he was shot, according to Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez.

Peep a clip of the shooting below:

The alleged mastermind ordered the hit from inside the United States and the alleged gunman mistook Ortiz for the man he was supposed to kill.

Prosecutors believe that Victor Hugo Gomez planned the attack and that he meant to kill his own cousin (Fernandez) for snitching on him for a drug offense eight years ago.

Police said Ortiz and Fernandez had on similar clothing the night of the shooting. Prosecutors warn Gomez is a dangerous fugitive and has a lengthy criminal history and may have ties to a drug cartel. He's wanted by the DEA and has been on the run in the U.S. since March for a drug sting known as "Operation Wrecking Ball."

New surveillance video shows another missing suspect, who police think was the middleman of the operation. Alberto Rodriguez Mota was at the bar in the hours leading up to the shooting. Authorities revealed he snapped a picture of the intended target and shared it with the other suspects. Not long after, the surveillance video shows him calmly standing up during all of the chaos following the shooting.

The alleged shooter - Rolfi Ferreira Cruz - told reporters from his jail cell that he did not mean to shoot Ortiz and was only told what color clothing to look for. The photo he received made it look like Fernandez was wearing white pants, as Ortiz had on that night, and confused one for the other.

“Sixto David Fernandez pointed to Victor Hugo Gomez as the only person who may want to attempt to kill him, which he had already expressed through repeated threatening messages,’’ Rodriguez said.

Dominican police have arrested 11 suspects and they are still looking for four others, including the mastermind, Victor Hugo Gomez.

The 43-year-old baseball legend remains in the intensive care unit of Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital. His wife of 17 years, Tiffany (above), said his condition has been upgraded from “guarded’’ to “good.’’ He was flown to Boston on a plane provided by his old team.

The former Red Rox slugger splits his time between Santo Domingo (where he was shot) and Miami where he lives with his wife and children. He retired from baseball in 2016.

President Barack Obama sent him a get well soon message via Twitter:


Six years ago, David Ortiz's spirit and resolve helped us all begin to heal from the Boston Marathon bombing. Today, I want to join many others in wishing him a speedy recovery of his own. Get well soon, Papi. pic.twitter.com/9orpBgnVI5

Prayers up that Big Papi has a speedy recovery!

Photo: Getty/AP/Debby Wong/Shuttershock





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