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Evelyn Lozada's Open To Dating Rob 'Big D*ck' Kardashian, Talks About Her 3 Cycles Of IVF & 'Spanish' Women Snapbacks

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Evelyn Lozada dishes on her flirt session with Rob Kardashian and whether she would give him a shot. She also opens about her IVF struggles, co-parenting with Carl Crawford and "Spanish" women snapping back after having kids inside...

Oh? So, Evelyn Lozada is on cougar status now? Sure seems like it.

The 43-year-old "Basketball Wives" star is making promo runs for a new season and she stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" to clear up the rumors after she engaged in a public flirt session with 32-year-old Rob Kardashian.

In the now-deleted Twitter exchange, Ev tweets: "Rob Kardashian has a big sausage." He responded, "And you a squirter."

"I knew that was gonna come up today," Ev said when the radio hosts asked her about it.

"I have never seen his sausage," she confirmed. "It just really started off as a bet. I was dared and I take dares seriously. Don't dare me because I'll tweet something crazy."

She said she and Rob are cool, but have never been out on date. We do know she's cool with his sisters as she's a model for Khloe Karashian's Good American clothing line and dated one of her exes - French Montana (y'all know how their friendship circles roll). 

Then, she explained how the tweet came about in the first place.

"I feel like he's an amazing father, you know. And I wished him a happy Father's Day. I said 'Happy Father's Day Big D*ck Rob,'" she shared. "And he was like, 'Oh, thank you! I bet you won't say that to the world.'"

So, there you have it. Oh, she also confirmed she's NOT a squirter.  In case you needed this information.

Since she's a single lady these days, and supposedly not dating, would she ever give the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star a shot?

"I think Rob is a nice guy. I like the family, I think they're cool. I feel like he has potential for greatness. And I hope he keeps kicking ass in the gym because I think he is a nice looking man."

Sounds like if he loses a few pounds, she'll be with it.

Peep the clip below:




Evelyn is living the single life right now, but she "loves love" and would be open to getting married again. She said she's the "relationship type" after being with former NBA player Antoine Walker for 10 years, marrying former NFL star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, and being with former MLB player Carl Crawford for 4.5 years. She said she's cool with all of her exes and that she and Carl have a dope co-parenting relationship for the sake of their son, Leo. They aren't romantically involved anymore, but Ev said she's proud of Carl's venture into music and him signing rapper, Megan Thee Stallion.

Evelyn and Carl called it quits after she learned from a friend he had cheated on her. The "Livin Lozada" reality star asked him about it, he admitted to it, he apologized and told her she didn't deserve that. They were in the process of trying to get pregnant again. She revealed she had just went through three cycles of IVF for another baby. Being high risk (because of her age), she suffered three miscarriages within a year, each one costing $20,000. After all of that, she was over the whole situation with Carl and they broke up.

You'll recall, TheYBF.com was tipped off about their breakup with sources revealing they had broken up WAY before it was announced and that she was using her relationship and IVF struggles for a storyline. Get those deets HERE.

Speaking of having kids...

DJ Envy started talking about how he and his wife Gia Casey want a 6th child and Evelyn began complimenting how good she looks after giving birth so many times.

"She [Gia] looks really good for having 5 kids."

Envy agreed, of course, and said she's just "lucky" because she eats whatever she wants, she doesn't workout, and hasn't had any surgery.

Ev responded, "Oh, wow! Is she Spanish?"

"Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Asian," Envy answered.

"Oh wow she's a little bit of everything," Evelyn responded.

Hmm...did she seemingly insinuate that the reason she has good genetics is because she thought she was "Spanish?" That's what folks are saying online. She meant "Latino" instead of "Spanish." This almost reminds of Cyn Santana's "Black Men Cater To Spanish Women" fiasco. 

In the interview, the "BBW" wives star also dished on her failed friendship with her former bestie Jennifer Williams.

"The relationship is strained. We say it's like a toxic marriage," she said.

Ev explained her issue with Jennifer was the fact that Jennifer was talking about her daughter, Shaniece.

Season before last, she genuinely wanted to work on her friendship with Jen. She said the scene they had on the beach where they cried and reconnected was real.

Then last season, it comes out that she was saying ish about Shaneice.

"She [Jennifer] said allegedly my daughter was a latch key kid. For anybody who knows me...I'm a great mom," Evelyn shared.

Ev said Jennifer "heart my heart" talking about her daughter and feels like people children are ALWAYS off limits. Ev and Tami Roman never really been cool and they've never mentioned each other's kids, so Jennifer's comments really hit her hard.

Oh, Ev and Tami still aren't cool this season, by the way.

Watch the full interview below:

Photo: Evelyn's IG


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