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The Tristan Thompson x Jordyn Woods Drama Is More Ridiculous Than Ever + Kim's 'White Savior' A-- Comments + New Boohoo Collection From Jordy

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The Tristan Thompson drama with Jordyn Woods is going to unfold on the next "Keeping Up With Kardashians" episode, and it's centered around how Khloe Kardashian dealt with it in the aftermath. Meanwhile, Jordyn is securing another bag with a new Boohoo collection. Everything inside...

Part 1 of the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" mid-season episode was many things. And part two is going to follow suit it seems.  Khloe reveals Khloe Kardashian's reaction after she learned something went down between her daughter's father, Tristan Thompson, and her sister's friend, Jordyn Woods. In the clip, Khloe receives a text from the Cleveland Cavaliers baller following the scandal making headlines.

In the text, he tells her she "deserved a spa day."

"Shut the f*ck up!," Khloe barks at the phone.

"My family was ruined!" Khloe yells. "I'm not just a TV show. Like, this is my life."

Girl, since when hasn't your life been a tv show? Just about as long as Tristan Thompson has been community peen.

Family friend/fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons surprisingly makes a cameo, telling her, "You cannot allow this kind of disrespect."

Sigh, Kimora.

During another fit, Khloe yells, F*ck these hoes!" These f*cking b*tches think they can f*ck our men!"

Mad at the woman but not mad at....nevermind. That "our" men comment is....interesting as well.

Also, North West makes a cameo in the promo, dancing it up during her dad, Kanye West's, Sunday Services.

Peep the sneak peek below:

But get this, Khloe and Tristan weren't even officially in a relationship at the time of the scandal. Supposedly.

"When the Jordyn drama happened, Khloe and Tristan were not in a proper relationship," a source told PEOPLE. "They had not been for weeks. They didn't even spend Valentine's Day together, which is right before he messed around with Jordyn."

We believe it.  Many had thought they were broken up as we hadn't seen them together in a while at that point.

The source went on to say that it was "very difficult" for the "Revenge Body" host to find out about the situation, however, it's what "made her realize Tristan would never change." Oh, THAT'S what made her realize?  We guess chile....

Here's more of the drama:

So, about Part 1 of the midseason finale...

Khloe called her sisters to confirm that Jordyn admitted she "made out" with Tristan at a house party. She blamed him for kissing her and said she had been "naive" about the situation.

On the phone with her sisters, Khloe said she couldn't believe Jordyn would do something like this, especially since she knows everything she's gone through with the NBA player. Kylie agreed.

Then, Kim chimed, "Jordyn provides for her whole family off of what [Kylie] has given her, and the disrespect of this — she has to know that this is a problem."

The Internet gathered her on social media, saying her comments are an example of her "white savior complex." The comment was trash and folks let her know it. Especially since she provided not even a corner of a receipt showing when and how the well off the Woods family - who have been going to the same schools and living in the same neighborhood as Will & Jada Smith's family since Jordyn was a toddler - ever needed Kylie to sustain themselves.

Peep the tweets:

A word.

Also on Sunday night's episode, Khloe made shocking comments about Tristan threatening to kill himself following the kissing scandal with Jordyn Woods.

Folks in Tristan's camp say that's NOT true. They claim the 28-year-old NBA baller was blindsided by the accusations she made on the show and felt she “exploited” his comments.

“He says he told Khloe he didn’t want to live without her, but that didn’t mean he wanted to kill himself,” a source told RadarOnline.

“He is pissed off because a ton of people, including his family members and NBA execs, are reaching out to him very worried.”

Yikes. We could tell by the fact this was his umpteenth time cheating publicly AND him doing vacay a day or so later with a new chick - that he was unbothered AF.


Jordyn is still flourishing out in these fashion streets.

Following her initial Boohoo offering in 2016, the 21-year-old is back for another collection. She co-designed the Jordyn Woods x Boohoo collection which features a range of size inclusive ready-to-wear pieces like colorful blazers, trendy jumpsuits, matching two-piece sets, and high-slit dresses. Her 60-piece collection ranges in sizes 2 to 26 and retails for $15 to $60. It drops June 26th.

Congrats, Jordyn!

Photos: Jordyn's IG/Khloe's IG



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