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BLACK INK CREW: COMPTON! Danny 'KP' Kilpatrick (Kyla Pratt's Boyfriend) Gets Spinoff As Compton's First Ever Tattoo Shop

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"Black Ink Crew" is coming to Compton! And Kyla Pratt's boyfriend Danny "KP" Kilpatrick will be at the center of the new series. Deets inside...

We knew this was coming!

"Black Ink Crew" is gearing up to invade the west coast. On an episode of "Black Ink Crew" last season, Ceaser and his crew made a stop in Compton to chop it up with tattoo artist Danny "KP" Kilpatrick while on a mess of a "team building" trip to Los Angeles. Ceaser tried to get KP to pack up and move to NYC to work for him, but he respectfully declined. Now, we know why.

Danny "KP" Kilpatrick - longtime boyfriend of actress Kyla Pratt - and his crew at IAM Compton, the first ever tattoo shop in the city, will debut "Black Ink Crew: Compton" in a two-hour premiere on July 30th at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

At ‘IAMCompton,’ KP - the self-proclaimed “Prince of Compton" - has assembled a dream team of tattoo artists, friends and new additions to build a trusted family at the shop that has become known as “a crew among gangs.” He and his artists are using their creative energy to make a change, all while creating a “safe zone” in the city he calls home.

Their mission is to create a movement in Compton through their creative collective by celebrating the talent, passion and rich culture of the community. The crew is here to represent the city in a way that rises above the stereotypes and embraces the rich culture of Compton. The IAMCompton artists confront identity crisis and social conflicts by channeling their imagination into body art and comradery. But with the pressure to succeed and represent their home, will they reinvent their community or fall under pressure? We shall see.

By the way, KP is a father of three, 2 daughters with Kyle Pratt and a son from a previous relationship.

Meet the Compton Crew below:

KP, is the self-proclaimed “Prince of Compton” whose passion for tattooing led to founding IAMCompton - inking those exact words on his own skin. He is known as an elite tattoo artist, having inked some of the biggest names in entertainment. With a new shop opening and television series on the way, KP and his long-time partner, Kyla Pratt, careers are at an all time high.

Lemeir hails from Philadelphia and knows what it takes to make it in a tough neighborhood, turning street knowledge into serious business acumen. His early ambitions led to the creation of “Happy Ice,” a successful food truck with a popular following. With a bright future ahead and his first child on the way, Lemeir is even more dedicated to accomplishing his goals with his high school sweetheart, Danielle, by his side.

Nessie is a tattooist, lyricist and muralist who’s friends with Lemeir from Philly. She’s moving to Compton to join the crew with big dreams of making a name for herself in the industry and shaking things up in the tattoo world’s male-dominated culture.

Ink Drippin was raised in Compton as a talented, free-spirited lothario who is very popular with the ladies. But behind his playboy image, he is a good guy at heart- coming back to Compton to help his sick mother. As a half Black and half Mexican man, Ink is discovering his heritage and looking to reconnect with his father who left the family when he was very young, while sharing his artistic talents with the crew.

Vudu Dahl is an apprentice and prodigy in the tattoo world. Raised outside of Seattle within a religious commune, Vudu was extremely sheltered from the outside world. After leaving her 13 siblings and parents, Vudu experimented with drugs and alcohol, but used tattooing to overcome her addiction. She is unlike any other artist in the shop and is bringing her unique vibe to Compton.

Tim is the I AM shop manager, KP’s cousin and right-hand man to the operation. Having protected KP on the football field in high school, he left his sports dreams behind to protect his cousin both in the streets and in business. He stays true to his Compton roots by maintaining relationships with friends who are involved in gang culture, while being devoted to taking the shop to the next level.

Barbie is the shop receptionist and a long-time friend of KP’s who sprinkles a whole lot of style, class and sass to the I AM team. Being a survivor of gun violence and domestic abuse, Barbie doesn't let anything bring her down and always manages to come out on top.

Peep the promo clip:



Be sure to tune in to "Black Ink Crew: Compton" when it premieres July 30th at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

Photo: KP's IG

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