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A$AP Rocky Will Reportedly Stay In Sweden Jail Since Judge Fears He's A Flight Risk

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A$AP Rocky won't be getting out of jail in Sweden anytime soon since the judge fears he's a flight risk. Get the latest inside...

It's not looking good for rapper A$AP Rocky, who's still sitting behind bars in Sweden following a street fight.

The "F*ckin' Problems" rapper (real name Rakim Mayers) appeared before a judge in Stockholm today and did NOT get the news he was looking for. The judge ordered the Harlem native spend another week behind bars while prosecutors continue their assault investigation. The reason he's being held is because the judge fears he's a flight risk.

According to TMZ, Congressman Adriano Espaillat says Swedish authorities are using “KGB tactics” by keeping Rocky in jail. Not only that, he feels that they are going to indict him. Yikes.

The 30-year-old rapper and two men from his camp have been sitting in a Sweden jail since July 5th following a street brawl. He's being accused of assaulting a man in the Stockholm streets on June 30th. He was there as part of his tour. In the clip, A$AP said the men kept following and harrassing him. You can even see him telling the men to stop in the video he posted to his Instagram account.

Indictment news comes on the heels of Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West lobbying the Trump administration to get involved.


We guess only white voices, or voices who kiss Trump's ass, matter, because lots of black folks certainly spoke up and asked the administration to get involved.

In addition to the Wests getting involved, the State Department is actively putting their bid in the help. TMZ reports:

Kareem Lanier and Pastor Darrell Scott of the White House’s Urban Revitalization Coalition, also played a big role … helping to connect A$AP’s management directly with Kushner through a phone call.

We're told Trump told Kushner he believed A$AP was being held unfairly, and wanted to help. As we reported, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got involved and unleashed a few deputies in an attempt to get some action. A State Dept. member was supposed to arrive in Sweden Thursday. We're told the State Dept. is now actively working to get A$AP out of jail, thanks in large part to Kim's efforts. 

Sweden's Ambassador recently spoke out, telling black people there's no need to be fearful to come to the country. Karin Olofsdotter said A$AP has not been unfairly singled out after his arrest, despite what folks are saying in his camp. They claim the rapper is being held under "inhumane conditions."

Several celebs have taken to social media to boycott Sweden, but not Cardi B. The "Press" rapper said she wants him to get released, but she's not boycotting Sweden because she loves it there. Check it:

As of now, more than 600,000 people have signed ASAP's Change.org petition demanding his release. However, a lot of folks aren't here for helping ASAP get out of jail since he turned a blind eye to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

It's interesting to note, white rapper G-Eazy was accused of the same crime, but he was allowed to leave the country shortly after.

Another hearing will be held on July 25th to determine the next step for the rapper.

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