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Special Delivery! Keyshia Cole Returns to BET with a Baby Special, Her Boo & (Some) Family

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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen R&B songstress, Keyshia Cole on the small screen. She's putting her baby bump to work in a new BET special with her boo thang Niko. Deets inside.

Today, Keyshia posted on her Instagram account that she just wrapped a week of filming her new baby special airing on BET. It’s no longer a secret that the singer is preggers with her now boo thang Niko Hale. That 13-year difference in their age obviously ain’t stopping nothing. The two are visibly in love and want to share their joy with her fans.



The last time we saw Keyshia on TV, she was boo’d up with her then husband, NBA player, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, in BET’s "Keyshia & Daniel: Family First" in 2012. She didn't come out smelling like roses when fans saw how she treated him, but then we learned about Boobie's alleged cheating ways so, there's that.  Before that, in 2008, we saw Keyshia on BET's "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is" as she let us into her complicated personal life. She worked on squashing deep rooted issues even Iyanla couldn't fix with her biological mother and sister, Frankie and Neffeteria. During those three seasons, the drama that was displayed on TV was A LOT.  We saw Frankie's battle with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as her incarceration. 

The very real beef between Keyshia’s adoptive mother, Yvonne Cole, and Frankie was cringe worthy, as they fought for Keyshia’s affection and attention. The dysfunctional family was must see tv. Over the years, Frankie and Neffe went on to enjoy a bit of popularity and fame of their own, as they starred in a reality show without Keyshia’s involvement, also on the BET network.

In this upcoming baby special, Keyshia assures that we will get a glimpse of her new life with her soon to be baby daddy, her son and close friends. There was no mention of her sis Neffe, but Keyshia hinted that she was hopeful that both Frankie and Yvonne would grace the screen once again with their messiness presence. We see her and Boobie's son (omg he's so grown up!) DJ is in the mix too. 

It’s been a few years, so hopefully we'll see some growth and not the same ol’ drama. Especially when it comes to Keyshia's relationship...


Credits: Keyshia's IG/Janique Burke

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